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Grassroots Ozark and Local Paper Break News on Uranium Mining Plan in Aquifers for 4 States

When the private-schooled, hothouse-cultivated journalistic son of a journalistic legend participates in declaring The Death Of Journalism this week because some newspapers and radio networks are laying off staff, I can’t join in. The currently dominating institutions of journalism grew from small enterprises run by whomever could get access to a printing press. The most quickly growing source of news, the internet, is widely accessible, and is growing thanks to those who have access to information and have the ability to communicate it.

No national radio network, no big newspaper, no weekly news magazine has broken the news that Gustavson Associates is apparently fluffing up muckety-mucks and big landowners in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri so that they can start digging holes and pumping out uranium in a way that contaminates underground aquifers and rivers in those four states.

We can thank the local Columbia Tribune newspaper and the online Grassroots Ozark for bringing this highly consequential matter to America’s attention. Old school, big city journalism may be in crisis, but the conveyance of information that makes journalism matter goes on.

One thought on “Grassroots Ozark and Local Paper Break News on Uranium Mining Plan in Aquifers for 4 States”

  1. Tom Kruzen says:

    Hey Folks,
    Now that Obama put a face and a physicist, Steven Chu, in as Secretary of Energy, blast him with letters and emails that we don’t need to ruin our midwestern agricultural land for uranium extraction. One Chernobyl is enough!!!! Write Obama’s team at

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