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Senator Caroline Kennedy: Because She Was On a Hiring Committee

But friends and associates say that Ms. Kennedy, 51, is no dilettante, and that her career is replete with examples of the kind of hands-on policy work and behind-the-scenes maneuvering that could serve her well.

This paragraph by the New York Times, justifying her bid to be appointed a United States Senator, is fleshed out with the following examples:

She was appointed to a hiring committee at Harvard once and had opinions.

She raised money for New York City schools by selling her mother’s handbags.

She wrote a letter of recommendation for Rupert Murdoch’s daughter to the prestigious Brearley School her daughters attended.

She sometimes walks home from dressy events at Tavern on the Green.

She volunteers for safety patrol duty at the prestigious Collegiate School her son attends.

She has a personal assistant, but doesn’t use her personal assistant to keep friends away.

Well, blow me down! Send her to the Senate!

P.S. Wait a minute. I’ve been on a hiring committee, and I’ve written letters of recommendation. I have opinions. I often walk home. I’ve had a garage sale. I volunteer at my son’s school. Can I be a Senator?

P.P.S. Oh, drat. I don’t have a personal assistant. Never mind!

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