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Congressional Candidate Alan Augustson Asks: When Have the Illinois Democrats Done Enough?

Alan Augustson, who may be running as a Green Party candidate in the special election to succeed Rahm Emanuel, is asking Illinois liberals if they have finally had enough with the corrupt Democratic Party. Some excerpts from his long statement:

With Governor Rod Blagojevich officially disgraced, another office is
added to the list of pending political vacancies in Illinois.
Unfortunately, all the names under consideration to fill those vacancies
are products of the same machinery that has produced such obvious and
unrepentant scoundrels as Blagojevich.

Or perhaps I should say, all the names we will be permitted to hear.

2008 was a breakout year for the Illinois Green Party, with credible
candidates vying to serve the public at federal, state and local levels.
But it was a movement consciously ignored by the media.

With the notable exception of the Chicago Reader’s superb article on
Omar Lopez (for which I heartily commend them), the media were actually
conspicuous in their omission of coverage of the only real alternative
to the Daley-Blago-Emanuel axis….

In the Fifth District of Illinois, Democratic party grunts and patronage
babies are lining up to claim their turn at screwing Illinois, America
and the world further into the ground. Not one of them has ever given a
thought to global-scale policy until last month. Not one of them can be
counted upon do anything other follow orders, from the very party
leadership of which we all claim we’re so tired.

With the Presidential election over, the eyes of America and the world
may very well be on Chicagoland right now. Will they be treated, at
least, to the full range of candidates’ opinions? Will we even see one
open debate that features all contenders? Or will the media simply issue
another self-fulfilling prophecy of an easy win for the Democrats,
regardless what talentless hack is finally vomited up for the public
consumption by the smoke-filled back room?

Stay tuned.

Well, Illinois liberals, have you had enough of the Democrats? Or did you get a job from a guy who knew this other guy who knew someone, and well, you know, that’s the way it is?

One thought on “Congressional Candidate Alan Augustson Asks: When Have the Illinois Democrats Done Enough?”

  1. Alan Augustson says:

    Thanks very much for passing this along, guys. –A

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