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While You're Freezing, Know the Ice Has Been Melting

Think a week’s worth of seasonal cold might undo all that pesky global warming mess? Put that wishful thinking away in the desk drawer and attend to findings from two NASA scientists. They report that more than 2 trillion tons of land-based ice in Greenland, Antarctica and Alaska have melted since 2003. More than half of this amount comes from melting ice on land masses in Greenland and Alaska, raising sea levels at an accelerating rate.

Don’t pack away that sweater yet; you’ll still need it for a little while, along with some heavy duty galoshes. But if you’re a homeowner who doesn’t plan on dying over the next twenty years, you might want to consult your area’s Flood Map and do a little extrapolation.

8 comments to While You're Freezing, Know the Ice Has Been Melting

  • Mark

    Could the Northeast’s massive ice storm last week be attributed to global warming? If temperatures had been just a little colder it would have all been snow. A blizzard would have been bad, but not as bad as all of the ice.

  • That water from the Arctic’s melted ice is enough to fill Chesapeake Bay 21 times, they say…

  • Eddie

    Not all things are what they appear to be and since I’m a skeptic I have my own view; I was actually totally convinced that we were the culprits of global warming… until I heard that it was a forgone conclusion, nothing in nature is that conclusive, just monitor your 10 day forecasts for a while. I do think the earth has warmed considerably and there’s a correlation of it to solar activity, and we may have a role but my jury is still out. Solar activity has waned over the last 2 years and our air is cooler, evidenced by last winter and the beginning of this one, but water is slow to adjust so I think it’s plausible that the warm ocean currents are the cause of the artic ice melting. If solar activity stays low over an extended period of time; the water will begin to cool and the trend will reverse… we had global cooling in the mid-70’s… or; maybe it’s left over THC from my youthful days clouding my brain and casing it to cool down below it’s optimum operation levels.

  • Anonymous

    “Global warming” is crap and you alarmists are done!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You liberal weirdos are toast and so is your garbage man made global warming.

  • Anonymous

    you blame the fake global warming on everything, it has it’s own built in argument that nobody can debate because if it is too hot, it is global warming, if it is too cold, it is global warming. Hey, I got ocean front property in Arkansas for cheap I will sell you.

  • I personally believe in SCIENCE. There is certainly enough evidence out there that we should be trying to do something. I don’t think we can stop or reverse global warming but we might be able to slow it down some. That’s probably the best we can do for now. In the meantime, the same people who claim global warming is not influenced by 6.5 billion people are probably the same ones who consult their palm reader before making critical decisions. Let the scientists do their research and listen. Take action if need be. If scientists said they spotted an asteroid headed for earth you wouldn’t be arguing about it. Trust science people!!!

    • Jim

      But you don’t even have to “believe in” it or “trust” science. It is a strong system because you don’t have to trust what scientists say. It’s all about the evidence. If I ever actually see evidence to indicate that people aren’t behind global warming, I’ll go with that. Most of what see from global warming doubters is redirected oil industry hot air.

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