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Caroline Kennedy is NOT Sarah Palin

Some people are comparing Caroline Kennedy to Sarah Palin because of the way that she avoided reporters questions in Syracuse, New York yesterday. Going up to visit Matt Driscoll, the mayor of Syracuse, Kennedy made only a 30-second statement before the press, in which she explained that she wanted to come to Syracuse to speak “with Mayor Driscoll and others” in order to “tell them about my experience”.

Caroline Kennedy did not come to Syracuse to talk to the public, and tell them about her experience. No, no. She came to talk to the important people – the people with power and influence. That’s why, when reporters asked her questions about her experience, Caroline Kennedy refused to talk to the reporters, and went off to where a driver was waiting for her, to take her away in a gas-guzzling SUV.

To many people, this attitude is reminiscent of the one shown by Sarah Palin during her disastrous vice presidential campaign. Now people are asking who Caroline Kennedy thinks she would be representing as a United States Senator if appointed by Governor David Patterson – all the people of New York State, or just the powerful and influential ones.

But no, Caroline Kennedy is not Sarah Palin. Her initials are C.K., and Sarah Palin’s initials are S.P. Furthermore, Sarah Palin is Governor of Alaska, whereas Caroline Kennedy is not. Caroline Kennedy has never been Governor of anything, or even mayor, or member of a village council. Also, Sarah Palin rose up from a modest of family, whereas Caroline Kennedy was born rich.

See? They’re not the same person at all.

Besides that, members of the television press corps reassure us that Caroline Kennedy is just a fabulous person. On MSNBC this morning, for example, Joe Scarborough complemented Kennedy because when she made an later unannounced visit to Rochester, “she was talking more”.

She can talk, a little bit! What more does Caroline Kennedy need to do to prove that she is qualified to be a United States Senator? After all she’s been through in this one week of standing and having her picture taken without answering questions, isn’t she entitled to be handed the Senate seat now, maybe on a comfy gold-embroidered pillow, with a tiara?

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  1. dave says:

    Can I get an amen from the congregation?

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