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One thought on “Woof, Aslan”

  1. Voltaire says:

    I believe this is a more telling representation of her article.

    “Is this, though, such a bad thing? The unifying principle of Narnia, unlike the vast complex of invented history behind Middle-earth, isn’t an illusion of authenticity or purity. Rather, what binds all the elements of Lewis’s fantasy together is something more like love. Narnia consists of every story, legend, myth or image — pagan or Christian — that moved the author over the course of his life.

    Our contemporary, semi-secular Christmas is similarly a collection of everything yearned for: warmth, plenty, peace, family, conviviality. Like Narnia, the holiday is a fantasy, but there are times when a fantasy is exactly what you need.” Laura Miller

    Legalism is such a bore, but then there are those hold their shakey worlds together with it.

    Save me from the person that knows all the laws, but cannot find the love within it.

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