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Activist Opportunities Against Rick Warren

I’ve already covered many of the many many reasons that extremist right wing preacher Rick Warren is a terrible choice to introduce Barack Obama at the 2009 Inauguration.

Now comes the important question: What are you going to do about it? The following are a few possibilities:

If you’re on Facebook, join one of the many groups dedicated to pressuring Barack Obama to remove Rick Warren from the official inauguration ceremonies.

The most creative activist idea there is from Let Them Eat Doughnuts. See, Rick Warren likes to say that it doesn’t matter that he campaigned to revoke the constitutionally-guaranteed rights of married couples by supporting Prop 8 in California because he sent anti-Prop 8 activists some doughnuts. Yes, Rick Warren actually expected same-sex couples to be happy to trade their liberty for a piece of cheap pastry. So, the Let Them Eat Doughnuts activists suggest sending a doughnut to every member of the Obama Inaugural Committee.

A bigger group over at Facebook, with about 4,000 members so far, is entitled simply No Rick Warren at Obama Inauguration. They suggest the following actions: 1) Go to and use the forms there to send a letter of protest to Obama; 2) Email the Obama LGBT liaison at ; 3) Call the executive director of the Inauguration, Emmett Belivau, at 202-203-1715, or email at ; 4) Call the offices of the Senators who are on the congressional Inauguration board: Feinstein, Reid, Bennett, and the members of the House on that board as well: Pelosi, Hoyer, Boehner.

If you’re one of the many atheists outraged at Rick Warren’s statement that only people who believe in God should be allowed to become President of the United States, there’s a petition just for you.

Other standard activist ideas are as important as ever. Tell your friends what you think. Write letters to the editor in your area’s newspapers. Go online to places where comments are possible, and make your position known. Keep the issue alive, and nipping at Obama’s ankles. Just look around – you can expect to see a lot of new activist opportunities popping up today.

One thought on “Activist Opportunities Against Rick Warren”

  1. david biritz says:

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