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The Difference between an Intolerant and a Liberal Position on the Rick Warren Kerfuffle

Intolerant position: Rick Warren does not have the right to speak at the Inauguration of Barack Obama, and his name must be withdrawn. Fie! Withdraw in shame, Rick Warren! Go live in a hole!

Liberal position: Rick Warren has the right to say whatever he wants, and if Barack Obama wants to invite him to speak at the presidential Inauguration, I can’t stop him. But when Barack Obama — known for his thorough vetting — invites a man he’s had multiple contacts with to speak at his inauguration, and when that man has repeatedly expressed support for policies of bigotry along lines of gender, sexual orientation and religion — plus the whopper of God-Sanctioned Holy War — and when Barack Obama explains his choice with a reasonable-people-can-agree-to-disagree-reasonably argument, then such a choice sends a message that these bigotries are reasonable. It communicates to Americans that even if he does not exactly agree with Rick Warren’s positions, Barack Obama finds them to be within the realm of the reasonable. Americans like myself who believe religious discrimination, sex discrimination and anti-gay discrimination are unreasonable therefore find themselves distraught and dismayed, not just with the behavior of Rick Warren but with what Barack Obama’s choices reveal about his political compass. Considering Obama’s everlengthening list of concessions to political forces aligned against freedom in America, Barack Obama should not be surprised that he is losing the benefit of liberals’ doubt.

4 thoughts on “The Difference between an Intolerant and a Liberal Position on the Rick Warren Kerfuffle”

  1. tom says:

    Unfortunately, this is how capitalism and our seedy excuse for “democracy” works. The corruption starts by owing favors to people of questionable repute, and on down the primrose path it goes. Next thing you know, your “savior” is no better than the other schmuck who would be doing the same crap to everyone as “policy.” i had such high hopes.

    The only trouble is that we aren’t going to have another chance at truly changing things for the better before the consequences of our unsustainable lifestyles come back to haunt us for a very long time. Business as usual is a going out of business mentality.

  2. Will C. Soon says:

    Just because an evangelical pastor is going to speak at Pres. Elect Obama’s inauguration ceremony doesn’t mean the gig is up for the “change” and the “yes we can”. No Rick Warren speech is gonna make me give it up and role over. Unsustainable must become sustainable, that’s all. I’m gonna revel in change and I’m thinking people like Warren have to be honored just like everybody else for this whole thing to work out on top. It’s ignorance that’s the enemy, in all its’ forms. Perhaps, Warren will say something ignorant? Perhaps, something surprising. We can’t just give up on evolving into something better and winning over opinion of ignorance.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Why does Creationism have to be honored? Why does homophobia have to be honored? Why does theocracy have to be honored? Why does sexism have to be honored? Why, Will, C.?

      It’s easy to just say that Rick Warren has to be honored, but it’s difficult to explain why – other than that maybe he has a big constituency? Well, put together all the people he trashes, and that’s a big constituency too – and they’re being insulted by Obama’s choice.

      Where are the non-Christians in the Inauguration ceremony? Why don’t they get a representative? Why don’t they have to be honored?

      1. Jim says:

        How about the Holocaust deniers? Why don’t they have to be honored? How about the people who think slavery was a good idea? Why don’t they have to be honored?

        Oh, wait a minute on that slavery bit. I forgot about Exodus 21. No, the honoring the slavery angle is covered.

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