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Happy Isaac Newton Eve!

Writing for the New York Times, Olivia Judson observed yesterday that more than one luminary’s birth has been pegged to the day of December 25: Isaac Newton was also born on that day, at least under the older Julian calendar. That makes today Isaac Newton Eve.

Judson somewhat jeeringly suggests that supporters of science give one another Happy Isaac Newton Birthday cards in place of Christmas cards. I endorse that idea sincerely. Do you value calculus over churches, gravity over a 2,000 year-old grave, the Third Law of Motion over the Trinity? Do you know someone else who feels the same? Then consider an exchange of Isaac Newton birthday cards.

This year, it’s really too late for Irregular Times to get in on the Newtonian greeting card market, but here is an offering for next year:

Sir Isaac Newton Birthday Cards Isaac Newton Day Postcard

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