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Wind Power in Maine Steps Forward, Haltingly

Beaver Ridge Wind Turbine outside Freedom, MaineShort news on wind power in midcoast Maine:

The Beaver Ridge wind project in Freedom, Maine has been completed, with three turbines erected to bring power to 2,000 homes.

Residents of Jackson, Maine have approved plans for the town to proceed with talks with energy companies to build wind turbines there. The Jackson town government is scheduled to report back to its citizens with an evaluation of received plans shortly after the new year.

A feasibility study of wind power on the northwestern side of Rockland, Maine finds that various locations are either too close to homes or too low in wind to make turbines possible … but that wind turbines on the mile-long Rockland Breakwater would be feasible technically and economically. Although city official David St. Laurent publicly doubts that Rockland citizens would wish to build along the breakwater, Rocklander Terri Mackenzie for one says she’d love to see the sight.

One thought on “Wind Power in Maine Steps Forward, Haltingly”

  1. Rockland County Jobs says:

    It would be awesome to see all the wind power rolling!!

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