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Daily Archives: December 26, 2008

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Walking the Walk of Sweatshop-Free Shoes: Rematch!

Back in the summer 2004, Adbusters had spent months telling the world that it would be selling sweatshop-free sneakers. Kalle Lasn and his crew of “culture jammers” had put forth a lot of attitude on their move, but hadn’t followed through with the production of

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Blogging and Podcasting Workshops coming to Columbus, Ohio

Two of the activities that currently drive Irregular Times online are podcasting (the creation and syndication of audio and video) and blogging (the creation and distribution of serial, time-stamped writing). My skills in writing, audio recording and especially videomaking could use some improvement, so it

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Crude Spill In Montana

This 25 mile-long oil spill will inflict a lot more damage than just delaying people who want to travel along a road. Much of the crude oil will run off into nearby streams, rivers and lakes.

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