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Blogging and Podcasting Workshops coming to Columbus, Ohio

Two of the activities that currently drive Irregular Times online are podcasting (the creation and syndication of audio and video) and blogging (the creation and distribution of serial, time-stamped writing). My skills in writing, audio recording and especially videomaking could use some improvement, so it is with great interest and expectation that I see the interactive, workshop- and skills-focused PodCamp Ohio and WordCamp Columbus conferences will be held this year in the city where I work and live: Columbus, Ohio.

WordCamp Columbus, which focuses on the development of programming and writing skills for blogs, will be held at Columbus State Community College on May 16, 2009. PodCamp Ohio, which focuses on the same skills for use in audio and video casting over the Internet, will happen in the Mendenhall Lab on June 20, 2009.

Both are open to the public… and both are free. Look ahead… registration for the conferences should be opening soon.

One thought on “Blogging and Podcasting Workshops coming to Columbus, Ohio”

  1. Jim says:

    Update: Now WordCamp Columbus is NOT free. They’re charging $25.99 for the one-day set of seminars.

    I understand they have expenses, but they should also understand that I can spend $25.99 worth of my time more efficiently developing my understanding of WordPress than attending their seminars. Sorry, WordCampers, but I’m outta there.

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