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Confirmed: Pro-Constitution Inauguration Demonstration, 1-20-09, On the Inaugural Parade Route Outside the Department of Justice

Oath of Office Demonstration for the Constitution at the Presidential Inauguration on 1-20-09.  To be held outside the Department of Justice building on the Inaugural Parade Route, south side of Pennsylvania Avenue and west of 9th Street in Washington, DCI’ll be writing more, much more about this in the days to come, but here’s quick word: I have just received official permit approval from the National Park Service for a political demonstration on the January 20, 2009 Inaugural Parade Route. You’re invited to participate in a pro-constitution Oath of Office rally where citizens will hold signs at our secured spot outside the Department of Justice building right on the Pennsylvania Avenue parade route, on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue, just west of 9th Street.

I need your help: can you spread the word? The page on which individuals can find up-to-the-minute information on demonstration logistics is right here — please link to it and grab the banner graphic you see here and on that page.

Watch Irregular Times for more information and more ideas about getting the word out in the days that come. If you have expressed dismay at the erosion of constitutional liberty over the past eight years, I sincerely hope that you can make it to this demonstration and express your commitment to the Constitution and a return to the rule of law in America.

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