2008 Presidential Campaign buttons from Irregular Times

We at Irregular Times are ardent admirers of the burgeoning new online culture. But it's important to remember that we live in a real flesh-and-blood world as well. In that world, what we see strongly influences the way we think and feel about issues of the day. If you want to get the word out about a message or a person, you've got to give that word physical, not just virtual, reality.

As citizens, we can either wait for the Democratic party apparatus to figure out for us who should be the Democratic Party nominee for president, or we can take some responsibility for that process ourselves. If there's a political figure you strongly admire who has what it takes to be in the White House, now is the perfect time to get the word out. A well-placed, sturdy metal pinback button on your lapel, jeans jacket or backpack will help spread name recognition for your favorite contender and get people talking about them.

Each of the 2 and 1/4 inch sturdy metal pinback buttons offered below is professionally produced in the USA by, well, us. The charge of just $2.75 per button includes shipping and handling.

And hey, did you know that we offer 2 and 1/4 inch campaign magnets for these candidates as well? Well, yep, we do, at the same doggone price.

To get your own little piece of progressive free speech going, just click on the image of each button you are interested in to add it to your shopping cart. Your payment will be processed securely and safely via PayPal, and we'll ship your package promptly using the U.S. Postal Service.

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Lapel Stickers
Yep, we sell lapel stickers too! Here are links to our favorite lapel sticker designs:

Barack Obama Lapel Stickers
Hillary Clinton Lapel Stickers
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We've also partnered with CafePress to offer the Internet's single largest collection of progressive Election 2004 bumper stickers. Check us out at Irregular Goods.

We've been writing an online journal for fourteen years now -- a pretty long time for the Internet. It's called Irregular Times -- check it out when you get the chance.

Hope, Not Fear Barack Obama Button -- $2.75

Hockey Mom for Obama Button -- $2.75

Barack Obama Sepia Tone Portrait Button -- $2.75

Barack Obama 08 portrait button -- $2.75

Obama 2008 Layers button (black text on white) -- $2.75

Obama 2008 Layers button (white text on black) -- $2.75

Barack Obama 2008 Swirling Rainbow button -- $2.75

Obama in Circle of Color button -- $2.75

Obama Portrait with Patriotic Swooshes button -- $2.75

O for Obama 2008 Blue on Red campaign button -- $2.75

Santa Claus Says Obama 2008! button -- $2.75

Barack Obama for President in 2008 button -- $2.75

Barack Obama 2008 button -- $2.75

Barack Obama 2008 Light Blue Portrait button -- $2.75

Barack Obama Blue Swirl Button -- $2.75

Barack Obama Yellow Swirl Button -- $2.75

Barack Obama Blue and Orange Portrait Button -- $2.75

Obama for America USA Map Button -- $2.75

America for Barack Obama 2008 Bunting Button -- $2.75

Draft Gore 2012 campaign button -- $2.75

Kucinich! (Ring and Stars Design) Button -- $2.75

Like Hope, Only Different McCain '08 button -- $2.75

My Middle Name is Hussein Too button -- $2.75

Veterans for Obama Button -- $2.75

Yellow Barack Obama Bowling Button -- $2.75

Obama: Hope 2008 Button -- $2.75

I Heart Obama Button -- $2.75

Kids for Obama Button -- $2.75

Hillary Clinton Portrait Button -- $2.75

Vote Clinton 2012 button -- $2.75

Hillary Clinton for President 2008 button -- $2.75

Holstein Cow Clinton 2008 Button -- $2.75

Teachers for Hillary Clinton 2008 Button -- $2.75

Clinton! Red, White and Blue Ring and Star Button -- $2.75

C is for Clinton 08 Button -- $2.75

I Heart Clinton Button -- $2.75

Hillary Clinton Patriotic Stripes Button -- $2.75

Hillary Clinton President 2008 Red Bar Blue Bar Button -- $2.75

A Woman's Place is in the White House Button -- $2.75

Mike Gravel 08 portrait button -- $2.75

Mike Gravel 2008 button -- $2.75

Dennis Kucinich for President 2008 button -- $2.75

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