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Right Wing Nutskies Crawl Out of Clinton-Era Cave

Right Wing Nutsky Bumper Stickers on Barack Obama, Communist Spy and Gun ThiefNow that we’re planning to have a Democratic Party president again, the right-wing nutskies who decided back in the 1990s that Hillary Clinton was a coke-dealing murderer have emerged from their eight-year-long hibernation to come up with some new conspiracy theories. My current favorite is that Barack Obama is the “most successful communist mole ever.” So successful that all evidence of the existence of his Russian handlers has been… obliterated! It’s just what the Russkies would do. My second most-favorite conspiracy theory has to do with the notion that Barack Obama “is going to DISARM the populace and take all of your guns away!” This claim persists despite debunking

… but I’m on to you, you Right Wing Nutskies… I know what you’re up to! I’ve caught you right at word one:


You America Idiots? Why, that could only be written by someone who is not an American! Someone like… a Russian! A Soviet mole! Oh, the twists, the turns, the… treachery!

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