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Consider A New Year Reality Revival

A couple of years ago, a group of non-religious Americans at the Institute for Humanist Studies assembled a calendar of secular events known as the Secular Seasons. It’s an interesting project that seeks to document the events of the year that celebrate the kind of values that many secular Americans respect: Discovery, critical thinking, and intellectual independence from authority, along with some of the natural marking points of the year, such as the solstices.

That calendar suggests January as a time of a New Year Reality Revival. The idea is to devote January to events that mark the advance in knowledge in the year that has passed – in science, but also in other intellectually-framed pursuits.

The thing is that I can find just a few groups online that have taken up the idea and actually moved toward an observance of the New Year Reality Revival – and these groups seem to be all closely related.

Of course, much of the world is not represented online at all. Given that, I’m curious about whether there are some groups or individuals who observe a New Year Reality Revival, in addition to what I’ve already discovered. If you’ve participated in an event as part of a New Year Reality Revival, I’d like to hear about your experience, and your thoughts about the idea.

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