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Conversations With God Plagiarized?

Popular religious writer Neale Donald Walsch has been caught in a plagiarism scandal trying to pretend that the words someone else had written were his own.

Writer Candy Chand had written a sappy Christmas story called Christmas Love back in 1999. Neale Donald Walsch liked the treacly nature of the story so much that he started telling people that he had written the story himself, and that, what’s more, the story had actually happened to him and his family. He started giving lectures during which he talked about how it felt when he had the experiences behind the Christmas Love story, and then recently even cut and pasted the story onto his blog, claiming authorship.

Remember, all along, it was Candy Chand who had written the platitude. She was surprised, therefore, to find that her exact words, copyrighted in 2005, were being claimed by Neale Donald Walsch.

Walsch’s explanation is that he did it all by accident, that he told the story so many times that he really started thinking that it had happened to him and his family, and so he didn’t realize he had plagiarized another writer’s work… word for word.

Walsch said that he had “somewhere along the way, internalized it as my own experience.”

Here’s what the Associated Press article won’t tell you, and I don’t know why, because it wraps the story up rather neatly, with a bow on top: Neale Donald Walsch has made his career out of doing this sort of thing – only in reverse.

Walsch gained prominence by writing a series of books entitled Conversations With God. It’s a series in which he claims to be actually speaking with God, by just sitting down and writing a question, and then waiting for inspiration to write the answer. He came to realize, he says, that it was God who was really writing the answers to his questions.

It was Neale Donald Walsch who kept the profits, though.

For Walsch to commit plagiarism by convincing himself that another writer’s words were his own should not be surprising. After all, Walsch had already convinced himself that his own words were the words of God.

6 thoughts on “Conversations With God Plagiarized?”

  1. Jim says:

    Hasn’t it occurred to you that perhaps God told him to plagiarize Candy Chand’s works? You know, in one of those conversations. That would make it all OK. More than OK, as a matter of fact. A miracle!

  2. Fruktata says:

    OMG! Maybe God wrote the story, and then, in an instance of divine revelation, God chose to deliver the story to two separate prophets at once – just like in the Bible!

  3. Voltaire says:

    It would be obvious to anyone interested that this man needs help. In your quest to feel superior maybe you could find some compassion for someone so lost.
    Of course anyone who is naive enough to believe in something as idiotic as the divine, deserves what he gets..

  4. Patricia says:

    It’s funny how Walsch said he “internalized” the story as his own, after repeating his lie countless times. That’s a fake way of admitting he stole the story and passed it off as his own.
    I lived in Southern Oregon when Walsch, then known as “Bob White,” hosted a show on KOPE, a radio station owned by a doomsday, right wing cult leader named Roy Masters. BOB WHITE either quit or got fired from his radio job. He and his then-wife put together the first “Conversations With God” book. He was NEVER homeless, as he has claimed countless times.
    When he was 60 years old, Walsch really got into the role of GURU because his books were very popular. Walsch would walk out on the stage of his seminars dressed in a long white robe. This 60 year old man would then hit on the 20 year old girls in the audience.
    His books are a mishmash of every New Age belief over the past 120 years. Nothing original.

    1. laura says:

      You know what patricia I believe you. Can you tell me how you know this? A few of us want to finally expose this fake god, as he has actually taken a lot of peoples sanity and money and lives. How do you know he and his wife did that? What do you know from living in oregon? Please do tell all. Regards, laura. Ps what’s your name on facebook? I have info on him too. This is very important as I was caught up in his lies and almost killed myself due to this mans abuse and money taking and mind games. Please do tell all you know. Thank you, regards, Laura.

    2. laura says:

      Can you contact me with what you know please thank you so much on from laura.

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