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Religious Satire Website Crawling Up Christian Index

Upset at the number of secular stories that end up on the consensus news site, some Christians have set up a similar news ranking website called DiggChrist. The irreverent satire website Paliban Daily has submitted its articles to DiggChrist… which currently ranks 7 of them in its top 10.

Is this a hilarious trend to be aided and abetted by your own votes on the website? Is it an indication that when it comes to Christian reconstructionism, satire and sincerity are indistinguishable? Is it a tacky invasion of a website from the outside? What’s your reaction?

7 comments to Religious Satire Website Crawling Up Christian Index

  • Anonymous

    just One more reason to scoff at you Global warming alarmists…

    “Anonymous”, when you cut and paste off-topic comments into multiple articles, we will delete them, because what you’re doing is comment spam. Stay on the topic of the article, and don’t cut and paste over and over again. – ITimes

  • Anonymous

    Your topics are usually liberal crap, I want to talk about your other topics Like Global crap warming.

  • Are you entirely sure it’s satire, Jim?

    Everything I read there seems to be true — accurate Bible quotes, and real news stories. It’s not like some jokester is making up what she wants people to think Christianity is.

    Kinda scary, actually. I mean, Reconstructionists like her think that the Rapture might not come until AFTER the Tribulation.

    • Jim

      It really does straddle the line, doesn’t it, Joe? My read of it is that Paliban is pointing out the absurdity of the implications of those actual Bible quotes, real news stories and reconstructionist ideologies. It’s based on what others believe sincerely, but I do read absurdity in her writing.

  • Ex-Republican

    Hey Anomymous crap.. Where crap.. did you crap.. learn to write crap so eloquently crap? I will defintely crap agree crap not to raise crap school taxes crap because they evidently crap have enough money to have taught you to write crap so well crap. Or crap were you homeschooled crap?

  • Kevin

    I know Jenny and she is as pure as the driven snow. This is not a put-on or a snow job.

    And she does not talk crap!

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