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Lebanon Rockets Prove War Is A Weak Deterrent

Early today, rocket attacks were launched against Israel from Lebanon. The rocket attacks came because of Israeli attacks against Gaza after rocket attacks against Israel came from there.

Notice that I used the phrase because of – not in spite of. The Lebanon rocket attacks really haven’t been launched against any pressure created by the Israeli invasion of Gaza. The Lebanon rocket attacks have come as a result of pressure created by the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Any notion that military force can provide security be creating a deterrent of violent retribution ought to be laid to rest by the cycle of attack and counter attack that Israel finds itself in the middle of. Deterrentless fighting has been going on there for decades, after all.

When Israel attacked Gaza, it gave power to those in Lebanon who wanted to attack Israel, and weakened those seeking to maintain a truce. Israel’s attacks against Gaza haven’t stopped the rocket attacks from Gaza either. The Israeli military operations have encouraged Gaza’s rocket brigades, demonstrating that a few rockets have the power to direct Israel’s foreign policy.

The Palestinians and mystery rocket attackers are not exempt from this lesson. Their rocket attacks haven’t cowed Israel into submission. Instead, the rocket attacks have made it easier for militaristic Israelis to whip up support for more war.

Violence doesn’t discourage violence. Violence encourages violence. War is no deterrent.

5 thoughts on “Lebanon Rockets Prove War Is A Weak Deterrent”

  1. BADboyKILLER says:

    The one thing the Israelis dont do is that they dont discriminate! Killing Children, women, UN aid worrkers and even peace keepers. The death toll stands today at 800 (1/3 of which are children under 10) after they have bombarded many civilian homes, schools, hospitals and places of worship. HOW CAN YOU GET MORE EVIL? IS THERE A MORE EVIL ACT? Like I said in my previous posts; To them, a non-jew is a “goim” who is not worthy of living. Killing a goim gets them closer to their God, Satan. Thats not new to them, they’ve killed many prophits at the times of Moses and Jesus. And when Jesus comes back they will fight him to try to kill him and everyone on his side. In case you still wonder who the Anti-Christ is; Christ doesn’t do what the Israelis are doing.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      BADboyKILLER? No, you’re just following the herd. You don’t have the independence of mind to deserve a screen name as edgy as that. The Palestinians have had their fair share of violent stupidity in bringing this situation to the level of barbarity it’s at today. BOTH sides are to blame.

  2. Voltaire says:


  3. Accuratix says:

    Got this from somewhere and as most undisputable
    for you Hamas Lovers to read:

    “”Arabs love to kill Jewish children, and have for decades. It is their way of saying to Israel’s Jews “You have no future here.”

    Remember those two brave heroes of the jihad who stopped a car driven by an unarmed, pregnant Jewish woman with her four daughters in the car with her? They shot each child and the mother, then put another bullet in her belly for the baby. All of you people who sympathize with the Palestinian Arabs, behold your heroes!”””

    I add:
    Now its payback time and these camelshit stinking of non beings get pancaked under their own rubble.
    Thats a taste of fightback.
    Guess who is hiding now

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      You know, Accuratix, we’ve written here on both sides of the story. I’m sorry that your hatred can’t allow you to see that we haven’t taken sides, and have said that BOTH sides are wrong.

      Israelis and Palestinians have been shouting “Now it’s payback time” at each other for years – and neither side has benefited from the violence. Your apparently sincere belief that more fighting, after years of fighting, is going to make things better makes me sad.

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