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Why Demonstrate At The Obama Inaugural?

Why are we organizing a demonstration at the Inauguration of Barack Obama? In the following video, former President Thomas Jefferson explains: It has to do with upholding the Constitution, and the proper role of a citizen in a democracy.

It’s not the job of an active citizen to just stand back and watch leaders do what they do. It’s our job to tell our leaders what we want them to do. In the case of the demonstration we’re organizing for January 20, 2009 at the corner of 9th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue (noon), we intend to send a message to Barack Obama that he needs to actually comply with the Oath of Office, and work to uphold the Constitution.

Given Barack Obama’s record in helping George W. Bush damage the Constitution – through last year’s FISA Amendments Act, for example, we think it’s important to start out the Obama Presidency with a message that we Americans want our civil liberties back.

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