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Catholic Replacement for Progressive Radio in Columbus Illuminates

Until the end of last month, AM 1580 in Columbus, Ohio was formatted as a progressive radio outlet combining programs like the Stephanie Miller Show with syndicated Air America Radio content. That’s all in the past. Now 1580 AM is St. Gabriel Radio, Catholic radio endorsed by the Bishop of Columbus and featuring talk shows and sermons by Catholic priests, nuns, and allied laity. As time passed, I tuned in to 1580 AM more and more rarely; the broadcasts were pretty predictable celebrations of partisan teaminess in which everything Democratic was laudable, everything Republican was condemnable, and the topics of the day matched talking points sent out from the Democratic National Committee. Besides, as the old owner lost more and more money, more and more hours of the day were filled with infomercials for gold, skin creams and Blueberry Magic.

Father John Corapi of St. Gabriel Radio AM 1580 in Columbus, OhioI have to say I enjoy listening St. Gabriel Radio in Columbus so much more. Make no mistake, the new AM 1580 is just as dogmatic as the old one, but that the dogma is wilder and wackier. My current favorite is the sermon hour by Catholic priest John Corapi. Father Corapi is fond of characterizing conflict between Christianity and Islam as a Holy War, “a true battle between good and evil.” Can you guess which one is good and which one is evil?

In Corapi’s latest sermon, aired this past Friday morning on AM 1580, Father Corapi declared it the duty of Catholics to have many children if possible. Why? Just look at Europe, Corapi said. In Europe, Catholicism is on the wane and Catholics are having fewer children. In the future, Europe will become Muslim because Catholics aren’t having enough children, says Corapi, and we don’t want that to happen to the United States, do we? Well, I don’t know about you and me, but John Corapi sure doesn’t, and he was honest enough not only to say so, but to declare his belief that God, the Almighty ruler of the Universe, wants Catholics to start birthing more babies to keep it from happening. Contraception, according to Father Corapi, is the work of Satan to weaken the Holy struggle of Catholicism against Islamic invasion.

At the very least, John Corapi’s sermons on AM 1580 are interesting, which is more than I could ever have said about the old Al Franken or Blueberry Magic shows. I’ll tune in next week with the hopes of learning more from Father Corapi about how discrimination against gay people is “charitable” and “gracious.”

5 thoughts on “Catholic Replacement for Progressive Radio in Columbus Illuminates”

  1. greg says:

    There is a clear pattern of religious stations buying up progressive talk signals to force them off the air. It has happened in a dozen cities including one of the most vibrant Air America affiliates in Phoenix, which spawned the founding of a new prog network there.

    Clear Channel also dedicated about 50 of their stations to the Air America/prog talk format early on. I believe they got some kind of political pressure because after the 06 election they dumped half of them. They were caught in lies repeatedly about not having any advertisers, including car dealer who called into Steph saying he had tried repeatedly to place ads on one affiliate in Buffalo. Of course, Clear Channel is a career sponsor of Bush so it could have been a setup to begin with.

    The Dem Congress has been totally witless in allowing the rightist radio juggernaut to continue to roll to total ruin over our country. The German magazine Stern said it is beyond anything Goebbels himself ever dreamed of. Yet the Dem Congress after 06 election did NOTHING to hold owership’s feet to the fire, resulting in an even higher percentage of rightwing talk (95%) than existed before (90). Ratings clunkier Dennis Miller wass rolled out in a hundred markets while ratings winner Ed Schultz can’t get on a major signal. If the right regains power it will be using their unbeatable disinformation juggernaut.

  2. Tom says:

    If the American radio listener can’t remember the last 8 years of Republican destruction of their country, their currency, their retirement, and their way of life then they deserve what they get.
    Ignorant dim wits still fightin’ the Civil War tryin’ to figure out how all this affects NASCAR.
    It’s no wonder the country is goin’ down the drain.

  3. lepelerin says:

    Want to hear a powerful show? Listen tomorrow at 2:00, Jesse Romero on WVKO 1580. He usually has an upbeat show. He’s a former LA cop and black belt. I’ll be tuning in at 2:00.

  4. Bob says:

    Has anyone else stumbled across the new format/programming that they have on 1680 AM in Grand Rapids? I was flipping through my radio and planned on reminiscing to a little Radio Disney, which has apparently been replaced. Anyway, it is now billing itself as Public Reality Radio. I only got a chance to listen for a little bit, but they announced a URL as I checked out their site, and there is some interesting programming that they have. If anyone else has listened to this, I would love to hear some opinions, and if you haven’t heard it yet, I would give it a listen. I was particularly fond of “The Infidel Guy”.

  5. Bob says:

    There’s a new face on the Grand Rapids Public Radio scene. Has anyone heard the new 1680 AM? It used to be Radio Disney, but now bills itself as WPRR, Public Reality Radio. They do progressive, educational broadcasting. They also have a live stream right off of their website at Take a look at the catalogue of shows. One of my personal favorites is The Thomas Jefferson Hour. Humanities scholar Clay Jenkinson speaks on a variety of historical and contemporary issues in the character of Thomas Jefferson. It’s unlike any show I’ve ever heard before and is extremely interesting. Other new content the have is equally as captivating. Shows like “Dogma Free America” and “Freethought Radio” and other Pacifica Radio content will more than likely make some waves in conservative West Michigan, but I for one am pleasantly surprised that there is some refreshing new content being offered to the Grand Rapids community.

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