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Oceangoing Warship Versus The Ocean

America is lacking a genuine naval military crisis. There’s no foreign navy that threaten us, and our modern Air Force doesn’t truly rely upon ocean-going aircraft carriers. Military aircraft can be refueled in the skies, and even without such capabilities, we know how to get airplanes over the oceans without need of aircraft carriers anymore.

So why has the U.S. military just finished spending 62 billion dollars on a super-gigantic aircraft carrier – The USS George H.W. Bush? Just what is it supposed to protect us from? The Iraqi weapons of mass destruction? Hamas? Terrorists with suitcase bombs? The Pirates of the Caribbean?

There is no need for the USS George H.W. Bush. It might as well be renamed the USS Pork H.W. Barrel.

I was struck by the contrast of this obscenely extravagant piece of military waste with the $725,000 in federal funds given to programs to combat coral reef degradation.

While there is no significant military threat to the USA from the oceans, there is a severe marine environmental threat. Seafood populations are crashing as marine ecosystems are falling apart. Fishermen are going out of business because they can’t catch enough seafood to even pay for the fuel they use to get out of port.

Coral reef degradation is a big part of the problem. Deep sea reefs are being destroyed by poorly-regulated fishing operations, while tropical reefs are suffering from a combination of pollution, overfishing, increasing sea temperature, and ocean acidification resulting from increased atmospheric CO2 levels.

The degradation of coral reefs is having a strong negative impact on the American food supply and general economy right now, and the problem is rapidly getting worse. $725,000 in federal funds isn’t going to hack it.

What if that gigantic, 22-story aircraft carrier weren’t built, and that 62 billion dollars was used instead to deal with the problem of coral reef degradation in American waters? That 62 billion dollars would pay for 85,517 years of coral reef protection grants, funded at current levels.

4 thoughts on “Oceangoing Warship Versus The Ocean”

  1. Tom says:

    Typical short-sightedness on the part of the military, Congress, and the (absentee) American taxpayer who isn’t asked, doesn’t know until the project is completed, and doesn’t care any more(especially when their job and way of life is at risk).

  2. Peregrin Wood says:

    We could have high quality jobs on teams of coral reef rehabilitation and conservation, if we got creative.

    1. Get real says:

      All of you people are fools to think we don’t need to protect our nation. what asses you are

      1. Green Man says:

        Okay then, let’s get real. Can you tell me HOW this multibillion dollar supermega aircraft carrier protects our nation? Against WHO? What naval military threat is there to the USA? There isn’t any. Our military spending is already more than the entire rest of the world combined. There’s no need for this aircraft carrier. It doesn’t protect our nation from anything real.

        On the other hand, I CAN tell you HOW protecting coral reefs protects our nation. For one thing, those coral reefs in our coastal waters ARE our nation – physically, they are part of the USA that is falling apart. Economically, we’re falling apart too, and the impact of decimated fisheries, which are due in part to weakened coral reefs, is a big part of that. Protect the reefs, and you protect the fisheries, and you protect our economy, and that’s protecting our nation.

        Think, “Get real”. Think.

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