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Unity08: Superdead

As a sort of post-mortem, today I looked back at the IRS donation and expenditure records of Unity08 in the summer and fall of last year. No donations to Unity08 were made during during that period, and expenditures of just $67 were reported. Nothing’s been written about Douglas L. Bailey, the figure most centrally behind Unity08, since July of 2008, when writers referred to his role in the Ford presidential campaign.

The webpage has fully reverted to an advertisement for Peak Creative Media, the Republican public relations firm within which Unity08 began. Peak Creative Media has begun featuring Unity08 prominently in its portfolio of creations:

Peak Creative Media Advertises its Connection to Unity08

Unity08 is superdead. I’m not sure it was ever independently alive.

2 thoughts on “Unity08: Superdead”

  1. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Why would anyone include Unity08 in their portfolio? I’d be ashamed to be associated with that clumsy sham.

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