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Warm Up At Activist Tent for Inauguration Demonstration

Irregular Times writer Jim has organized an Inauguration demonstration urging Barack Obama to live up to his Oath of Office, and make it a central priority of the Obama Administration to restore and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. I’ll be attending the demonstration as well, so if you want to see a couple of the faces behind Irregular Times firsthand, here’s your opportunity: Get yourself to the corner of 9th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington D.C., right in front of the Department of Justice building, by noontime on January 20th. We’ll be there.

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Maybe it’ll be a balmy day, with 50 degree temperatures and sunshine. Maybe, though, it’ll be 33 degrees and raining.

If the latter is the case, the Washington Peace Center has a nice companion activist site set up, with a place to warm up: “Meet the progressive community at McPherson Square on Jan 20 all day long: 15th St NW between K and I. We’ll have heated tents, lots of information and literature on ways to get involved and MAKE the change we want to see.”

The Washington Peace Center’s inaugural activism is focused on three areas:

1. Immediate withdrawal from Iraq and a commitment to take care of returning veterans.
2. A halt to the post-9/11 erosion of human rights and civil liberties: repeal the USA PATRIOT Act, end torture and restore habeas corpus.
3. Redirection of tax dollars toward real action on housing, healthcare, climate change and other human needs.

#2 is right in line with the goal of Jim’s protest – urging Obama to be a defender of the Constitution instead of an abuser of it. These two activist tastes could taste great together. I’ll make my way to the Washington Peace Center’s tents on my way to the corner of 9th and Pennsylvania.

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