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Doctor Theopolis Kisses Bush Goodbye

It has been a while since I’ve posted here, but I’ve been moved by the departure of George W. Bush to do so. I denounce all forms of violence, even throwing shoes. But some things must be denounced in the strongest symbolic terms possible. And so this video, in which I kiss George W. Bush goodbye.

[p.s. Thanks to Jim for help with the upload.]

3 comments to Doctor Theopolis Kisses Bush Goodbye

  • when geoge washington was there president the us was going excellent. but u ever1 us people just wait n watch what will happen 2 us..

  • Tom

    The video only shows SOME of the outward manifestations of this demonic man’s “reign”. Not even mentioned are all the horrible, unconstitutional laws he’s rammed through with his Rovian logic of “homeland security”, third- Reich style. His secret, unaccountable government led by Cheney, his failure to uphold international (as well as our own) laws, the bankruptcy bill, the prescription med bill, and all the other perks to corporate Amerikkka that have been perpetrated on us – not to mention the egregious (mis)use of our federal “watchdog” agencies and the complete ignorance and abuse of the environment – all these and more should be remembered far into the future so it won’t happen again. There better be prosecutions or you can kiss America goodbye.

  • Horatio

    Gruesome, man. And is that shit on the bottom of the shoe, or just Katrina floodwaters? Oh, right. Same thing.

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