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Republicans Hire Failed Plumber As War Correspondent

Remember Joe the Plumber? He was the guy who said that he wanted to buy his own plumbing business, and could do it too, if it weren’t for Obama’s tax plan, which would lower Joe the Plumber’s taxes, though Joe didn’t actually have a plumbing license, and didn’t earn the money under the Republicans’ economic system to actually save up enough a plumbing business before the year 2318.

All that nonsense didn’t matter much to Republicans, because Joe the Plumber’s name was Joe the Plumber.

The point is, the Republicans said, that Joe the Plumber was just a regular guy who wanted nothing more in life than to own his own plumbing business. That’s why Joe the Plumber has stopped working as a plumber, and has now been hired by a Republican-run blog called Pajamas TV to work as a war correspondent in Israel.

Everything Joe knows about Israel, he learned as a plumber. Some day, Joe the Plumber would like to buy his own blog… if it just weren’t for that Obama tax plan that saves him money!

6 thoughts on “Republicans Hire Failed Plumber As War Correspondent”

  1. Voltaire says:

    So much bitterness! Just let go of the hate!

    Joe asked a good question, why can the government do a better job with my money than I can…Regardless of what Joe was or wasn’t, it was a good question.
    Obama the Liberal Messiah’s answer was: “Not that I want to punish your success….I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody”.

    Spreading the wealth….Sure no problem..except when the method for doing that is through taxation! You’re worried that Joe has a job? So does the guy that wants to spread the wealth around through the power of the US Government. Now that worries me!

    Your reaction and the reaction of many others in the press and Government was very telling.. Kill the messenger….. and maybe no one else will ask questions.

    1. Jim says:

      Joe the Plumber a) misrepresented himself and b) would actually have done better under Barack Obama’s plan than under John McCain’s plan. Go back to Irregular Times archives and you’ll find we didn’t harp on the messenger; we hardly wrote about him at all, mostly noting the bullshit in his claims and his presentation to the world by his GOP handlers.

  2. Tom says:

    Hey Voltaire – your REPUBLICAN government is GIVING AWAY YOUR MONEY to banks who don’t even have to account for it!! They sent our soldiers to die WITH LIES as the basis. Your government wasted TRILLIONS of dollars for NOTHING and overburdened us with debt. They tore up the Constitution, SPY on US, RUINED our currency, made the stock market, credit and banking the equivalent of loan-sharking, and have run a secret government for two (stolen) terms.

    So do us all a favor and sit back with a big mug of shut the fuck up. We had to listen to your mindless bullshit for 8 years, and now it’s time for you to EAT SHIT you fascist asshole. Look at the goddamn mess your “leaders” left the country in! Heckuva job, Brownie!

  3. Voltaire says:

    Back up Tom and take a deep breath of reality. And take your Thorazine. First, because I think that something is wrong don’t think that you can label me as a member of a political group.
    If you want to play the blame game, look no farther than Barney Frank and Freddie and Fanny for that cause of most of the government insolvency.
    If it were up to me there isn’t one dollar that would be given out to anyone for a bailout. I would probably cut the funds to the Mental Health clinic you should be going to.

    1. Jim says:

      Voltaire, I don’t often agree with you but you are right when you lay blame at Barney Frank’s doorstep. When it comes to banking regulation, he’s not conservative or liberal; he’s corporate, all bought up.

  4. Voltaire says:


    If you agreed with me all the time what would be the point of discussion? If I insolate myself into a world that only consists of people with the same philosophy…I will ultimately develop cognitive dissonance. There will be no reality but mine. I find myself playing devils advocate at time so that I can see the weakness of my own positions.

    There are very few philosophies that I hold as absolutes, I believe having a rigid framework of right and wrongs leaves no room for the grace of wisdom.
    The ultimate question for me is: What are we REALLY trying to achieve, and how do we get there from here?

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