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A San Francisco Protest Is Not National

I love San Francisco. I appreciate the activism of World Can’t Wait. Still, when I read news of a National Day of Protest against torture, and I’m only able to find information about a World Can’t Wait protest in San Francisco, I know that something has gone very wrong.

What we’ve learned over the last four years is that the world really can wait, and that just when we have the most hope that people will stand up for change, it’s the time we can expect people to sit down in front of the television set.

Thanks for keeping up the effort, World Can’t Wait. Unfortunately, a San Francisco demonstration is not a big show of a national day of protest. We’re doing our bit with our pro-Constitution demonstration at the Inauguration, but I’m hardly expecting a surging crowd of activists at our location along the Inaugural Parade route (9th St and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Noontime, January 20). Rather, I expect to see surging crowds hoping just to celebrate, and to catch a glimpse of Obama’s car, sighing, oh, he’s so dreamy.

One thought on “A San Francisco Protest Is Not National”

  1. Tom says:

    i hope this isn’t yet another indication of the apathetic American, too concerned with keeping/looking for job than to care about what our country needs (for us to get involved). “Let someone else do it” has been going on since the Clinton administration led us to believe it would always be a gravy train as far as jobs and prosperity. WRONG! (ala Dom Delouise)

    We have this last chance to get it right before it all goes out the ecological window. Let’s at least try, shall we?

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