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Strike One Against Obama on Oceans Policy

Change we can believe in! You remember that slogan, right?

Well, riddle me this change: George W. Bush was in favor of expanded offshore oil drilling, and now that Barack Obama has been elected President, guess what position the incoming Obama White House is taking on expanded offshore oil drilling?

They’re in favor of it – that’s what Ken Salazar, nominated to become the new Secretary of the Interior said during his confirmation hearing.

That’s not even chump change.

Environmentalist Obama supporters, you just got drilled.

2 thoughts on “Strike One Against Obama on Oceans Policy”

  1. Tom says:

    Let’s see what happens. Yeah, he’s chosen a few people for positions which give me pause, but let’s give Obama a chance to change things and let’s see if he (and especially Congress) can be persuaded to do what WE THE PEOPLE want, instead of continually bowing to K-street and the corporate agenda. The truth is in the DOING.

    So in the meantime – make your voice heard and continue to write and call your legislators and put your progressive ideas and messages on the site for the Obama team to see. Then, let’s give the guy a chance to actually change things and see what direction he’s going. Hopefully, he’ll take the great demand of suggestions that he do the “right” thing by us citizens and make it a little easier on us and the environment than it’s been for the past 8 years.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Let’s not give him the CHANCE. The CHANCE we’ve already given him – by electing him. Obama has the chance, and he’s using it to promote offshore drilling – which he himself has spoken in favor of.

      If we don’t demand that Obama work for a progressive agenda, he won’t.

      If we just sit around and give him a chance, corporate lobbyists are going to fill the gap we make.

      When Barack Obama promotes the same policies as George W. Bush, we need to oppose him every bit as much as we opposed Bush.

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