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Ostentatious, Extravagant Inauguration Not in Keeping With Times

In January 2005, I posted pictures contrasting the extravagant second inauguration of George W. Bush with the suffering of soldiers in Iraq. Bush’s 2nd inauguration cost somewhere between $40 and $50 million. Later that month, I gasped in shocked disdain at the $250 million price tag, spent over 4 years, of the Bush administration’s effort to promote its policies.

It therefore bears mentioning that the first inauguration celebrating the new presidency of Barack Obama is estimated to cost $150 million. Much of this extravagance will not be dedicated to the comfort of people on the street. Most people will be herded into standing-only spaces in the cold and shut in for hours without access to vendors of food or drink. Those in the elite inside circle will be treated to a three-course meal cooked up by what Senator Dianne Feinstein calls the “very best that the Washington catering establishment has to offer.” On the menu: “seafood stew served with Duckhorn Vineyards, 2007 Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley… a brace of American birds (pheasant and duck), served with sour cherry chutney and molasses sweet potatoes; served with Goldeneye, 2005 Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley… apple cinnamon sponge cake and sweet cream glace served with Korbel Natural ‘Special Inaugural Cuvee,’ California Champagne.”

I don’t think this is the right tone or level of expense for an Inauguration taking place on the lip of an economic depression.

4 thoughts on “Ostentatious, Extravagant Inauguration Not in Keeping With Times”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That schlock Obama has the priciest price tag of an inauguration in a bad economy (Bling, bling!) Do I hear double standard from the Media? if it would have been MCcain the Media would have crucified him.You Liberals suck and you are going to get what you deserve( the beginnings of Communism)which is a hard slave owner with no mercy, now everyone will be on the same level playing field (POOR)and only the government will be rich just like they planned.
    That is your liberal President, a walking contradiction same ol liberals speaking out of both sides of your mouth anybodies dog that will hunt with you just so you can be elected and implement your sorry socialism/communism.

    1. Jim says:

      Pure poetry.

  2. Davey says:

    I disagree. I think an elaborate celebration is a collective, national sigh of relief over finally getting rid of the Stupid-Son-of-a-Bitch-in-Chief, and it is highly appropriate. I’ve been counting the days for about the last 2900 days, how about you?

  3. Angelica says:

    I agree that this money could have been better spent. He wants to help the homeless and help the people who have been laid off, yet he is spending 150 million on a party for himself. if bush would have done this the country would have been outraged! what happened to we are all equal? no we are not! its ok for him to spend that money because he is black! Thats not fair it shouldn’t matter! yea it might be a historic event, but it was historic event when George Washington was the FIRST president, but they were in debt then and would not see spending this kind of money! why is it ok now, i think obama and his supporters need a real reality check! it doesnt matter how great you think the guy is, he needs to do something and unlimited spending isn’t doing something for the nations economy!

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