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Time To Stop The Monster Truck Show

There was a fatal accident at a monster truck show in Tacoma, Washington at the beginning of the weekend. A big red truck was spinning around and around in the mud when parts of the truck came off and flew into the audience, striking a 6 year-old boy and killing him.

Still, the show continued. Even after audience members started leaving the arena out of disgust and in fear for their own safety, the monster trucks kept on revving their engines and driving around in the mud. Tacoma officials said that the accident will be investigated, but in the meantime, the exact same show is playing in the exact same arena all weekend long.

It’s a terrible thing for any child to die, but for this boy to die so that oversized trucks can go vroom is a particularly hollow loss. Yet, the monster truck show goes on across America. The effects of having monster-sized trucks on the road have been clearly demonstrated. When people drive big trucks around as a means of individual transportation, day after day, they do much more than their fair share to poison the air, hurt the economy and wreck the climate.

For most of these people, there’s no serious need to have a truck – the vehicles are merely for entertainment value. There is no legal right to entertainment. Government does have a constitutionally-mandated duty to act in the general welfare, however. In a less superficial world, Congress might pass a law requiring a permit to own a truck, dependent upon the ability to prove an actual need for the super-sized vehicle. People could always rent small trucks to move furniture, just as they rent moving vans.

In the real world, however, such legislation would be almost impossible to pass into law. That’s because, in the real world, we value entertainment over the general welfare, and in spite of the tarnished body of American automotive culture, many people still look at driving a truck around as a form of entertainment.

People’s idea of good government has gone away from responsible management and toward a posture of just getting out of the way so that people can do what they like to have a good time.

The show must go on, and there’s still a long line of people waiting to buy tickets.

3 thoughts on “Time To Stop The Monster Truck Show”

  1. Tom says:

    You know, it’s really weird that people go to sports events like hockey, where a woman or child was killed by an errant puck or broken stick (and they put up netting as a result), or car racing where there have been debris deaths over the years, and probably the same goes with air shows (jets to bi-planes showing off), but they keep attending.

    People just behave strangely – and of course it’s their right to do so. They ingest poison regularly (cigarettes and booze), risk their lives just driving to work every day, and generally don’t give a rat’s ass about what they’re doing, as long as they choose the action and don’t have to think about the consequences.

    Is it any wonder that the human race is nearing saturation level on the planet, when all of our behavior is like this? We’re basically ignorant and careless (not to mention greedy, self-serving, lying sacks of shit).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tom, I would say you are! Are you making some kind of proposal? What do you suggest we do? Wait I know we all kill ourselves and Just let the planet survive when the planet was made to inhabit people in the first place you Libs create stupid conundrums.Oh you say I have? figure yours out first and then point your finger, stupid!

    That schlock Obama has the priciest price tag of an inauguration in a bad economy (Bling, bling!) Do I hear double standard from the Media? if it would have been MCcain the Media would have crucified him.You Liberals suck and you are going to get what you deserve( the beginnings of Communism)which is a hard slave owner with no mercy, now everyone will be on the same level playing field (POOR)and only the government will be rich just like they planned.
    That is your liberal President, a walking contradiction same ol liberals speaking out of both sides of your mouth anybodies dog that will hunt with you just so you can be elected and implement your sorry socialism/communism.

  3. Chris says:

    That poor kid.

    It would be really nice if people just stopped going to these kinds of things and they died off. But I wouldn’t go so far as to make them illegal.

    Since where to draw the proverbial line is different for everyone, we can’t simply outlaw everything we personally don’t like.

    It’s the harder path, but laws can only do so much in a culture where people’s attitudes, behaviors and tastes are often ingrained with a kind of moralistic certainty.

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