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4 thoughts on “Be Tolerant, You Homo!”

  1. qs says:


    I think they should get rid of that Warren guy from talking.

    Anyways, can you tell me if you agree with this assessment by Friedrick Hayek in a 1975 Meet the Press interview?

    “Thirty years ago when, Dr. von Hayek, you stressed, and now subsequently stressed, that political and economic liberties must either flourish together or perish together. Do you see signs specifically in the United States today, or in Great Britain, with which you’re familiar, that political liberty is endangered?”

    “In Great Britain certainly, and it is quite clear that by the established democratic process, you cannot conduct the kind of economic policies the present governing party wants to conduct. For the danger of a reduction of political liberty in the Great Britain is considerable. This country is not so imminent, very largely for the reason that the efforts have not been directed so much towards nationalization and direct government controls of industries. But the attempts have been made by a redistribution of incomes by taxation. And that is a much slower process. I think it tends in the same direction, but much more slowly than the other one.”

  2. qs says:

    “Will” being George Will of course.

  3. Ralph says:

    I don’t think Hayek’s theories have stood the test.

    Since he made that statement, Reagan cut taxes on the rich and deregulated business, Clinton rolled back welfare and stopped the redistribution of wealth to the destitute, Bush cut taxes on the rich and deregulated business even further.

    Since 1975, “economic liberty” (at least as understood by Will and Hayek) has flourished while political liberty has withered.

    History has proven Hayek wrong.

  4. qs says:

    Well in England, conservatives and even liberals are flocking to the NannySecurity State both so it is absolutely true as they are doing here in the U.S.A. The Warstate enforces the welfare state. The Welfare State helps grow the Warfare State.

    There is used to be a theory in British intellectual circles that fascism was the rights reaction to the left’s communismsocialism, which is mostly true. However, if you watch some of the John Birch Society’s films, it claims that Fascism, communism, socialism are actually all the same thing just with different names.

    Anyways, Reagan made the government MUCH LARGER than when he came in and left the country in worst shape than when he got there (like almost all U.S. presidents do.) Saying that he was a conservative is kind of a laughable statement.

    Just think of his enlargement of the pentagon (a socialist institution) and his war on drugs etc along with expanding the IRS’s snooping powers to combat the war on drugs. There are plenty of other criticisms of the socialist Ronald Reagan.

    Murray Rothbard wrote a good autopsy of the failed presidency of Reagan.

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