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Time For Liberty Commission?

Hope, change, looking forward to a better future – a lot of people just want to forget and move on right now.

Isn’t there some unfinished business we’ve got to take care of first? I’ll call it unfinished, because this business isn’t finished – it’s still going on. For example:

Imprisonment without criminal charge or POW rights
Secret prisons
Big brother spying against… well.. anybody the government wants to spy against

These are the ongoing violations of the Bill of Rights that U.S. Representative John Conyers is proposing to investigate through a congressionally-established commission.

H. R. 104 would establish a…

“National Commission on Presidential War Powers and Civil Liberties… to investigate the broad range of policies of the Administration of President George W. Bush that were undertaken under claims of unreviewable war powers, including detention by the United States Armed Forces and the intelligence community, the use by the United States Armed Forces or the intelligence community of enhanced interrogation techniques or interrogation techniques not authorized by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, ‘ghosting’ or other policies intended to conceal the fact that an individual has been captured or detained, extraordinary rendition, domestic warrantless electronic surveillance, and other policies that the Commission may determine to be relevant to its investigation.”

I’m not seeing anything in the legislation that creates the National Commission on Presidential War Powers and Civil Liberties that would lead to criminal charges against Bush Administration figures. Instead, the commission would have subpoena powers to get to the truth of what’s been going on, and what’s still going on, so that we can see where rot is, and act to cut it out.

Think of it as something like truth and reconciliation. Is that something you’d like to see, or would you rather that we just sweep it all under the rug and hope for the best?

14 members of the House of Representatives have stepped forward to support the commission. They are:

Tammy Baldwin
Rick Boucher
Steve Cohen
William Delahunt
Keith Ellison
Raul Grijalva
Luis Gutierrez
Maurice Hinchey
Sheila Jackson-Lee
Hank Johnson
Jerrold Nadler
Jan Schakowsky
Bobby Scott
Debbie Wasserman Schultz

If you want to see this commission become a reality, then call your member of the House of Representatives and say so.

3 thoughts on “Time For Liberty Commission?”

  1. Tom says:

    What’s all this about Bush pardoning OSAMA BIN LADEN before he left office? Is this true? WTF!!?

    1. J. Clifford says:

      The government of Iran has released the oldest son of Osama Bin Laden. Perhaps you heard a part of that story.

      On the matter of prosecution, yes, I feel much the same way. Bush, Cheney, and associates seem to have broken very important laws in very damaging ways, and I’d like to see them put on trial, because our leaders are never above the law.

      However, I don’t see that this commission would do anything to stop a prosecution – and might even encourage it with revelations of particularly nasty details.

      My guess is that the Democrats in DC, Obama included, don’t want any trials for Bush or Cheney, because it would be inconvenient for them politically – too much contention, and information about how the Democrats themselves were involved.

  2. Tom says:

    In comment to this post, i feel that if we don’t actually prosecute these scofflaws for their egregious crimes against humanity we’ll be sending the wrong message to everyone in the world and it will likely be repeated in future war-mongering officials who put themselves above the law and become defacto dictators. We either believe in the rule of law or we don’t. If we don’t – all hell will break loose because EVERYONE will consider themselves above the law. Why pay your taxes when they only go to support a corrupt faux democracy? Why obey any law if these people can get away with actual murder?

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