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Why Is Barack Obama Still For Clean Coal?

When I’ve spoken to friends about my concerns about Barack Obama’s positions on the environment, I’ve made sure to mention Obama’s support for so-called clean coal.

In spite of all the coal industry talk, there isn’t any commercially viable clean coal power plant anywhere in the world. The technology hasn’t been invented yet to make that possible. Also troubling is what happens in the coal industry in order to get coal from the ground, processed and transported to a coal-burning power plant. It’s a process that degrades the environment and emits carbon dioxide all along the way. Clean coal is not clean.

However, my friends have all said to me, “Hasn’t Barack Obama recently indicated that he’s changed his position, and no longer supports clean coal?”

That’s a good question, and I’ve looked into it. The answer isn’t very pleasing. It seems that Barack Obama is still pushing the “clean coal” agenda.

Go to the official web site of the Obama Administration (, to the section that summarizes President Obama’s energy and environment plan. Right there is the following goal: “Develop and Deploy Clean Coal Technology”.

Barack Obama is using the power of the Presidency to promote “clean coal”. What makes it even worse is where exactly Obama places the “clean coal” agenda: Under the heading of “Green Jobs”. No kidding – Barack Obama really expects us to believe that jobs working in the coal mining and coal burning industries are “green jobs”.

I’ll believe that when I can give my kids a bath in coal dust.

The coal lobbyists love having Barack Obama as President of the United States. Their web sites are celebrating the election of Obama, and pointing out to the public that President Obama supports clean coal – so it must be okay. It’s the top story over at the America’s Power web site, written by the founder of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, who says,

“We’re eager to work with President Obama to help him keep his commitment to clean coal technology. America’s coal-based electricity providers stand ready to work with him to pioneer a new generation of advanced clean coal technologies that will capture and store carbon emissions.”

That’s not real change in the White House, but oh, yes you had better believe that it’s a real part of the Obama agenda.

One thought on “Why Is Barack Obama Still For Clean Coal?”

  1. Bruce says:

    Not only that, but Obama included 3.2 Billion in the stimulus for clean coal. It isn’t something he just said to get votes, he’s throwing A LOT of money at it.

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