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Gillibrand Helped Big Oil With Offshore Drilling Vote

The more I learn about Kirsten Gillibrand, the more concerned I become that she is not the kind of Democrat that New York State ought to have working for it in the United States Senate. Earlier, I wrote about Gillibrand’s regrettable support for George W. Bush’s program of spying on Americans without a search warrant.

Now I’m finding out that Gillibrand has supported the Republicans’ anti-environmental agenda as well. Last year, Gillibrand voted for H.R. 6988, which dramatically expanded offshore oil drilling along America’s shores. In her own press release, Gillibrand actually bragged about this, saying, “This would potentially open up to 80% of the offshore areas currently off-limit to drilling”.

Is that a good thing? I’d like to know how residents of Long Island would react to having oil rigs along their beaches, watching oil tankers carrying their dirty cargo back and forth, wondering when an oil spill would turn their sands into tar.

Kirsten Gillibrand was supporting Sarah Palin’s drill baby drill mentality when, in fact, conservation had already sent gasoline prices down. We never needed expanded offshore drilling for oil, but Kirsten Gillibrand fell for the Republican’s scare tactics.

New York needs someone wiser than Gillibrand in the U.S. Senate. Let’s hope that when the time comes for the election for that Senate seat, Gillibrand either steps aside or is challenged by another Democrat more in tune with New Yorkers’ progressive values.

Update: U.S. Representative Carolyn McCarthy has announced that she will campaign against Kirsten Gillibrand for Senate in the next primary election, or support another anti-Gillibrand Democratic candidate.

2 thoughts on “Gillibrand Helped Big Oil With Offshore Drilling Vote”

  1. jon says:

    “New York needs someone wiser than Gillibrand in the U.S. Senate.”

    What you actually mean is: “New York needs someone who thinks the way I do, in the U.S. Senate.”

    1. Jim says:

      Jon, come on. It’s a compound assessment he’s making: 1. Offshore drilling is unwise; 2. Gillibrand supports offshore drilling; 3. Gillibrand lacks wisdom on this issue. If you think that offshore drilling is wise, make your case.

      For my part, I think it’s wiser to spend a dollar on a long term solution than on a short term solution. I think it’s wiser not to trash some natural resources when pursuing others.

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