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Animated Toilet Warns The NSA Is Spying On You

Heads up, America, it’s Tim the Talking Toilet here with the news that you probably missed because it came out the day after the Obama inauguration, upon which almost everyone in America was just sitting around in a kind of daze – like the kind that you get when you wake up from a nightmare and you can’t believe how lucky you are.

Well, here’s the bad news, folks: You’re not as lucky as you think you are. See, on Wednesday, a man named Russell Tice, a former employee of the National Security Agency, revealed that the National Security Agency has been gathering ALL of the electronic communications in the United States and sucking them into a giant database, and then sorting out and looking at the private communications of huge numbers of American citizens. It was all done without a search warrant, and didn’t even have FISA court approval. It was done completely outside the law.

Russell Tice says that he was part of a program that intentionally used this government electronic surveillance system to spy on American journalists. That’s blatantly unconstitutional – ever heard of freedom of the press?

Here’s the thing, though. Russell Tice also says that his anti-journalist spying program was just one of many, many, many different spying programs that were targeting different groups of Americans and listening in on their private lives.

Think that this is just a post-mortem story from the Bush days? Think again.

Guess who voted for the FISA Amendments Act, the law that gave retroactive immunity to telecommunications corporations for their role in this set of programs to spy on Americans? Barack Obama, that’s who.

Since this story was released on Wednesday, Barack Obama has had zero comment. Zero. Obama is refusing to talk about it.

Furthermore, Barack Obama says that he wants to keep these spying programs going. So does his Attorney General, Eric Holder.

This is a fully armed and operational death star, people.

Change has not come to America. This NSA spying needs to be stopped, and its extent needs to be fully investigated and revealed to the public.

Please, let’s not let America go down the toilet. It’s time to raise bloody hell about this.

2 thoughts on “Animated Toilet Warns The NSA Is Spying On You”

  1. micl G says:

    what did they do with the info on the journalists? Did they try and shut them up? Intimidate them? Seems to me that they had no problem saying or printing what ever they wanted to.Heck!
    Dan Rather even used Microsoft Word to invent a document. LOL!!!! I hope your all as passionate about attacking the Obama administrations spying as you were at attacking the Bush Administration. Dont be inconsistent please!

    1. Jim says:

      Golly Gee Whizzikers, just look it up for yourself right here. You’ll see we’ve not only written dozens of articles criticizing Barack Obama on constitutional grounds, but also that we’ve staged two demonstrations to bring the message of dissent to him personally.

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