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Eat the View In April?

There’s a great horticultural/political movement organized by Kitchen Gardeners International – it’s called Eat the View. The goal of Eat the View is to convince President Obama to start an organic garden on the grounds of the White House within the first 100 days of his presidency.

That’s a fine idea, in the abstract, but in the practical, there’s a little problem: If I’m counting the days correctly In order to comply with the request of Eat the View, the garden would have to be planted at the beginning of April, at the very latest. That’s a rotten time of year to break ground. The soil tends to be soggy, making it difficult and unwise to work. Soil that’s worked when wet becomes compacted, and isn’t actually very good for growing plants in.

There’s a big difference between starting a garden and actually growing a garden. If the Obamas are actually going to put in a vegetable garden on the White House grounds, they ought to do so in a way that shows how ordinary people can garden in a way that works – not by installing elaborate systems that attempt to defy natural weather conditions.

President Obama, it’s okay with me if you wait until May to break ground.

One thought on “Eat the View In April?”

  1. Jim says:

    Another difficulty: such thoroughly urban soil is most likely contaminated by heavy metals, so that while Obama might start an organic garden on the grounds, he would be well advised not to eat the toxic organic produce that comes from it.

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