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Cutest Kitten Ever Asks You To Pay Attention

He’s the cutest little tabby cat of a kitten with his soft orange fur and big blue eyes, and tiny little paw, and a round fuzzy body that makes you just want to cuddle and tickle and hug him and squeeze him… and he’s asking:

Will you please now pay attention to the fact that President Barack Obama has announced, and his Attorney General Eric Holder and Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair confirm, that the Big Brother spy programs begun by George W. Bush will go right on, with the government gathering up your electronic communications and claiming the ability to search your home without any search warrant or judicial control?

Barack Obama has made it clear that he intends to ignore the Bill of Rights, just as George W. Bush did. Will you not lift a paw to try to stop it from taking place, or have you just been playing too hard, and find now, like the cute little kitten, that it’s time for your nap?

There, there, now, cute, sweet little Americans. No need to go worrying about your freedoms, and government power and all that. Big Brother Obama is gonna take care of all that grownup stuff for you. Just go to sleep, now, with your cute little kitten.

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