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US Military Imprecision Kills Children In Afghanistan

Plenty of American liberals have been protesting against Israel for that nation’s cruel bombardment of civilians in Gaza in the pursuit of a few Hamas militants. But, how many of those same people are raising their voices in protest of their own nation’s bombardment of civilians in Afghanistan in the pursuit of a few Taliban militants?

Civilians are being killed consistently in American bombing runs in Afghanistan, week after week after week. This week many civilians, including 3 children, were killed in an attack that the U.S. military says was targeted against a single Taliban militant carrying a rocket propelled grenade.

American military leaders keep on saying that they go to great lengths to avoid killing civilians, but the fact is that they keep on ordering attacks that kill civilians. They don’t seem to be learning from what goes wrong in these attacks. War boosters like to use phrases such as military precision, but I don’t see how a military that needs to kill three children in order to deal with one rocket propelled grenade can fairly be characterized as precise.

This war may have been started by George W. Bush, but it’s now owned by Barack Obama. As President, it’s Obama who is responsible for these civilian deaths, and for finding a way to stop them.

One thought on “US Military Imprecision Kills Children In Afghanistan”

  1. Tom says:

    As the Quaker sign reads: War is NOT the answer.

    We’ll find WAY more success taking a page from Hamas and HELPING THE PEOPLE OF both AFGHANISTAN and IRAQ (and anywhere else in the world)than by continually making enemies through the chaotic use of war and weapons. Win their hearts and minds by helping them achieve their dreams of reliable sanitation and water, the building of schools, the implementation of new technology, application of more efficient farming techniques and the like. Let them determine their own governments! Just keep doing good works and they’ll flock to us in droves.

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