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Act For Marriage Equality In Vermont

F.G. Fitzer and Truman have just taken some time to note some Vermont progressive activists that haven’t been able to hold up their own weight, much less accomplish social change. The truth is, though, that we do value progressive activists in Vermont. That’s why we’ve assembled the Vermont Progressive Directory – to celebrate their work. It takes activity to be an activist.

So, if you happen to know of an active progressive political group in Vermont that we should add to our directory, please leave a comment here to let us know.

I also want to draw special attention to an event organized by one of the groups in our directory: Vermont Freedom To Marry. VFTM is sponsoring a visibility day at the Vermont State House in Montpelier. Activists for marriage equality will have the chance to meet with their state legislators and explain why they think that equal marriage rights for same sex couples are important enough for the state government to act.

The visibility day will be on February 6th, but to participate, you’ve got to RSVP by noon on February 4th.

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