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How to Wrap Up a Compost Pile When Moving: Bury It

I’ll be moving away from my rented duplex in inner-city Columbus, Ohio this upcoming summer, and since my moving plans have become final I’ve been thinking in the back of my mind about my compost pile. In this case “pile” is a bit of a misnomer: I share a bit of grass with neighbors and to keep them from being annoyed (and their dogs from getting lunch) I’ve been using a black recycled plastic compost bin to contain the compost and keep it heated. With regular mixing I am amazed at how quickly the combination of leaves, vegetable scraps, egg cartons and even twigs turns into the other black gold. I enthusiastically recommend the bin for space-challenged composting.

Now that I’m moving I’ll be taking my compost bin with me, but my compost stays behind. What to do with it? For a while I thought of letting the bin complete its composting job without adding anything to it during the spring… but that would mean tossing perfectly good organic material into the trash for months. Instead, I’ve decided to bury it. There’s nothing like worms and the warmth of the soil to break it all down, and someone planting a shrub six months or six years from now will be happy about the results.

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