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Senator DeMint Thinks 28,000 Per Year Is Enough to Pay for Health Insurance

I can only call it economic barbarity, the amendment to the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) that Senator Jim DeMint and 36 other right-wing members of the U.S. Senate tried to slip into law. There’s something about the idea of children getting health insurance that these senators seem to despise, so they tried to undo the good effect of the legislation to expand SCHIP.

Senator DeMint’s amendment would have forced impoverished working families to pay for their children’s health insurance, requiring state health programs to “impose premiums, deductibles, coinsurance,” even though the point of SCHIP is that children whose parents are working but still struggling to make ends meet should have their health insurance paid for them.

Under the DeMint amendment, all SCHIP families earning 200 percent of the poverty line would have to pay for their children’s health insurance. Senator DeMint’s amendment calls these families “higher income families”. When you put it that way, Senator DeMint’s amendment seems to make sense. I mean, who would want the program to be abused by families who are making lots of money, and just using the government to avoid responsibility, right? Who would want taxpayers to support these people, making twice the poverty rate, with extravagant lifestyles living high on the hog?

Want to know how much these so-called “higher income families” make? Try $28,000 per year. The poverty guideline recognized by the Department of Health and Human Services for a single mother with a child is just $14,000 of income per year. Yes, if that single mother makes $14,100 per year, the government doesn’t officially count her as poor.

What Senator DeMint and his nasty right wing colleagues in the Senate are suggesting is that a working single mother and her child can live on $28,000 a year and buy health insurance too. What kind of absurd world are they living in that they could believe such a thing?

Take a look at how much it costs to live in the cities where most Americans live. Now, seeing those expenses, try to calculate how you would get by if you had to live on your own with a small child on just $28,000. It’s pretty darned difficult to do, and it would get even more difficult if you had to pay for the health insurance premiums that Senator DeMint tried to impose.

Take a look at the roll call on the motion to table the DeMint amendment, and you’ll see that there were even a few Republicans who were too ashamed to vote to keep the amendment under consideration. Those who voted against tabling the amendment are supported by voters who are frightened by words like “socialism”. Yes, there are people who are opposing SCHIP expansion by calling it socialist.

Well, if socialism means that a working single mother who earns just $28,000 a year doesn’t have to pay for the health insurance of her child, call me a socialist.

26 thoughts on “Senator DeMint Thinks 28,000 Per Year Is Enough to Pay for Health Insurance”

  1. Jim says:

    I was misled by your title. “See,” I found myself thinking, “$28,000 is a pretty good amount to budget for health insurance. I bet you could buy insurance for $28K a year!”

    But then I read the rest of your article. $28,000 for food, and housing, and clothing, and transportation, and education, and health insurance? Forget it!

  2. Matt says:

    I was curious about this article when I was browsing the web just now. Frankly I don’t know why the single mom with one kid is such a big deal in the 1st place. What about single dads who raise the kid by themselves? There are alot of men who do that type of thing everyday but no one bothers to talk about it. Plus, $28k a year is good enough if you’re a single person with one kid. If you budget your money wisely, save some, even just $50 a paycheck & not waste it on stupid items, then people can definetly do it. If you have 3 or 4 kids & only one person is working & making $28k a year, then that wouldn’t be so true. However, I’m a single guy & I make $28k a year ( a little more ) & I make it work. I have way more bills & debt than a single mom does on average & somehow I make it work with money to spare after each paycheck. I don’t really think it’s that hard to imagine a single dad or mom making $28k a year & being able to support themself & their child. Not impossible, & much better than being unemployed or making $10k a year. Also, the government feels the need to give help to so many American’s but frankly these socialist ideas will only weaken us further & eventually the people in America will always want a handout & expect the government to be there to pick up everything that we made a mess of ( minus what the government screws up on themselves ).

    1. Jim says:

      OK, Matt. Show me the budget for a single parent with one child, including health care costs, on $28k a year.

    2. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Yeah, those socialist ideas like giving kids medicine when they’re sick! If they haven’t saved up allowance money from their chores, then they shouldn’t be given dinner either! I am so sick of these nanny parents, raising young socialists by doing everything for them, like changing diapers, and stuff!

      Seriously, Matt, if you don’t recognize the significant difference between one person living on an income and two people living on that same income, I don’t know whether I can trust your judgment on budgetary matters.

    3. Adam says:

      @Matt: Easier said than done. People making 28K a year aren’t able to focus on a savings plan… I make about twice that and I’m doing good to put $50 away from a paycheck after mortgage, utilities, insurances, food, etc… I’m a guy and even I think it’s dumb to make an issue that there’s single dads in this situation too… You are correct, there are single dads, but there are A LOT MORE SINGLE MOMS! I work with them, I’m friends with some of them. I don’t know one dad personally that raised a kid 100% on his own! Mom’s just tend not to be dead-beats as often as dads.

  3. Matt says:

    I can understand that alot of liberals like the articles on this website, no offense. But it’s true & I respect the articles that are written for socialist’s & future socialist’s.

    However, I will also add to my first comment that I make a little over $28k a year & I support myself & my woman. I know it’s not as bad as you guys make it sound because I have to pay for most of everything here. I pay my bills first, then I save some & then I play with what’s left over. I don’t spend more than I make so therefore I leave myself in the clear.

    Also, single mom’s made a choice by being a single mom when they decided to hop in the sack regardless of whether or not they intended on having a kid or not. That shouldn’t be America’s problem, that should be that individual’s problem. If people used better judgment then we wouldn’t have so many folks on welfare. For those on government assistance who really need it (which means those who can’t work due to an illness or injury or any other situation due to a no fault of their own) then I support that. I don’t support lazy people who can work. I don’t support those who have a kid (or kids) when they’re a single parent who made a dumb decision. More often than not those are single people who were immature & didn’t really consider what would happen if they kept up their lifestyle. So no, I don’t think that American’s should be paying tax dollars towards welfare programs of any kind to help out kids of single parent’s who are mostly able to work & make it by. Something is always better than nothing, that’s for sure.

    By golly, we have allowed this detestable behavior in our society to persist with young women getting pregnant & needing assistance & that shouldn’t be our problem & that’s not even the whole problem, just part of it. It’s too bad that a kid has to be brought into the world into the arms of a parent who isn’t capable of thinking things through so when she goes to get welfare while working a part time job it clogs up the system even more. Same goes to dads who get a woman pregnant & he ends up having custody by himself & if he uses the system when he can work (most guys & women can work) then that is just wrong.

    Cry me the sad stories of single moms who make so little to take care of their kid or kids that they struggle & need the government’s help & need other people to help them by. What a disgrace & how sad for the kid who has to live with little!! I do not care for people who can’t take care of themselves & then bring others into this dark world & can’t take care of them. The government is up & beyond it’s head in debt owed to China & we sit here worrying about health care for kids of single moms who make $28k a year! Who cares? I sure don’t & I’m sure liberals will hate on that. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a liberal or a conservative, any support to single parents who are in their sad situations by their own fault shouldn’t be given a dime. If you can make the baby you better prepare for alot of money coming out of your own pocket.

    1. Jim says:

      Boy, those sure are a lot of words.

      I repeat: show me the $28,000 annual budget which covers expenses, including health insurance, for a single parent and a child.

      You said it could be done on $28,000 a year. Let’s see it.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Jim, I too would love to see matt’s budgett for living on 28,000! Please show me the way Matt!

      2. Jacob says:

        I dont make very much more than that and my wife stays home and I do it with 4 kids.

        1. Jacob says:

          of course, with my wife at home that takes care of child care which would be a huge expense

          1. Jim says:

            Right. And in this situation we’re talking about a single mom who has to be working to earn that $28,000. Also, do you have health insurance and are you factoring the cost of that into your budget?

          2. Jacob says:

            I do have health insurance and I understand my situation does not apply. I couldnt do it without the free child care from my wife being at home. It probably also needs to be said that I have zero car payments.

            I clicked on a link on the side which asked how in the world to live on that amount. I responded, and then read the article. I think my response brings little to the conversation. If it was just one of us things would be different

          3. Jacob says:

            Also, I live on VERY little in preperation for missions. I am a student. I have two college degrees and the ability to earn more if I wanted to. This is my choice to move backwards. For the people in question they have no chance at what I had achieved before I made this move. My financial situation is easier to work with because I know that it is self inflicted with a purpose in mind

          4. Jim says:

            That’s cool. And it’s great that you’ve got health insurance (I assume meaning that you don’t have to purchase it).

    2. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Matt, how many “folks on welfare” are there? Do you know? It looks like you’re just assuming there are. Do you understand that welfare requires work these days, Matt?

      Matt, you and your “woman” don’t have to take care of a child. If you can’t understand the way that affects a family budget, well, Matt, I don’t think I can trust your math.

  4. Matt says:

    To clear up one more thing, no, I wasn’t born into privilege, although I wish I was sometimes. I’ve worked for all I have, hard & humorously. I have done what needs to be done to make sure I get by & I have been without. I grew up with little & therefore I feel bad for kids who have little to nothing. But America is spoiled. In all Her beauty & history, America is full of spoiled people who care for nothing or no one but themselves. No one is out for the good, at least most people aren’t. Some are & to those I commend. But those who whine, cry, complain & make a fuss about $28k a year with a kid, go ahead, cry me a river.

    If socialist’s want to lend a ear to them fine, that’s their business but leave it out of policies & leave it to those individuals who had kids & now find themselves in their bad predicaments.

    If you truly want to know what is irregular about America, I find websites like this irregular & boring with the same ole complaining & crap I hear from the news. It’s unfortunate that on $28k a year a parent can’t make it by with that one kid. Healthcare is expensive but on that wage

  5. Matt says:

    I wasn’t replying to you Jim. I don’t really feel I need to. If you’re that interested go find it yourself. However I found an online budget calculator for single parents & did some more research on what the average cost of child care would be if someone had 1 kid & made $28k a year. I also put in more than average for someone with a kid for things like hygiene & care products, insurance & co-pay amounts & food costs. Car payment & maintenance costs as well as average rent & utilities costs were part of the input. A few other items I put in just for my own curiosity & the grand average total per year is a rough $25,600. That leaves a little over a couple of grand per year for a single parent to play with, not including the on average bigger federal & state refunds parents usually get for having kids. I didn’t even include that. I know plenty of single moms & the interesting part about them is that (at least the ones I know) they make it by without needing government help & they make less than $28k a year.

    Obviously if a single parent is going to college the costs will be higher but how many do is a question I can’t answer right now. However the average costs leaves some room to save & therefore I already know what the response will be. Bring it own baby.

  6. Jim says:

    Did you include payroll taxes? Did you include income taxes? Did you look up the average cost of health insurance for a family of two, which adjusting for inflation is over $3,000 a year?

    I ran my own budget numbers. With no car and just using public transportation to get to work, no allowance for clothing, no books, no movies, in a 1 bedroom apartment so the kid sleeps on the couch, never going out to eat, low-end utility bills, no trips, no frills, no cable, no cell phones, no illnesses, cheap child care, no student loans because the parent didn’t go to college, no saving for college because the kid won’t go to college, no life insurance, no rental insurance, if you include payroll taxes and the average cost of health insurance you easily get above $28,000 for a parent and a kid. I’d love to see your budget assumptions. And remember: no welfare! Like you said, welfare programs to help out low-income families are evil.

  7. Matt says:

    I don’t really believe I have to prove my math to any of you. Besides, you all miss the real point in my words. We wouldn’t have these problems if people would just use better judgment & not rely on our over burdened & irresponsible government. If you all want to support liberal agenda’s like ‘free healthcare’, then fine. However there is no such thing as free healthcare in America or anywhere else. Someone still has to pay for all of this somehow & that somehow will amount in higher than current taxes.

    My math isn’t 100% accurate & frankly neither is your math. The calculator I used didn’t include payroll taxes on the budget but if you’re making $28k a year then that means you’re making roughly $2,333.00 a month before taxes & then about $1,800 after taxes per month. If someone can’t budget with one kid on that then I don’t know if they should have kids in the 1st place. Don’t ignore the facts, embrace them. Me & my girlfriend live together & I pay for most of everything. I have way more bills & debt than a single parent (most anyway) will have & that doesn’t include healthcare for me. My healthcare runs me about $125 a month, privately. I choose not to have employer benefits. I like my plan more than what is offered to me through my employer.

    With me providing for my lady & myself it runs quite abit but that’s okay, I save my money too. If you morons can’t tell the difference between who truly deserves assistance & those who abuse it & can work 2 or 3 jobs to make sure they don’t use assistance, then you all need help.

    To clear up one more thing on the welfare comments, I can’t specifically tell you how many are on welfare at this very moment. However I can get that information but alot more women, minorities & older people are on some type of welfare. There are alot of senior men who are on welfare as well. There are many different charts that represent the percentages of who is on welfare & also varying by race, age, location & so forth. Good luck with your socialist’s beliefs, they’ll get you no where.

    I do appreciate this back & forth controversial topic though, it’s enlightening & I enjoy battling it out with people I don’t know online.

    1. Adam says:

      This sums it up…

      “I enjoy battling it out with people I don’t know online.”

      He’s just a troll people, stop humoring him… I can’t get back the time I wasted replying to his comment above before I realized this, haha.

      What an idiot… no one should have to work 3 jobs just to scrounge by!

  8. Matt says:

    Don’t spend more than you make & if you can’t afford to have a kid then don’t have any! All of this government assistance to single mom’s who can’t make it by is in large due to those very females who made a conscious decision to open her legs & mess around. I do not feel sorry for them if they are without, that is their lot.

    Growing up I was taught to get married then have babies, not the other way around. I see where our society is going with the fatherless babies growing up being taught by only a mom. It’s not a good thing. If people just used some common sense & thought things out more, then we wouldn’t have so many of these single households who can’t make it by because the kids or kid is too expensive. Save me the crying, I don’t care!

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      So, Senator DeMint is in favor of abortion, then, right?

  9. not amused says:

    Very Stupid, 28,000 a year is more than enough to live on

    1. Jim says:

      Demonstrate it for a working single mom with kids, including all expenses.

  10. Karly says:

    Thiscis reduculious your living with your girlfriend yet your calling every woman who under different cercimstances was either left, the man was unable to support them or they did not work out under one catagory. And what happens when you get your girlfriend pregnant and then go crazy because thinking about a child is too hard for you and check yourself into prison for getting into a bar fight because your angry at the world. Can we throw your kid in the garbage can first? After we do that and you tell me it’s just and deserved Ill believe you.

  11. Karly says:

    Also we aren’t talking about putting every single mother on welfare so she can live a nice life in hopeless poverty. Were talking about making sure children don’t pay for their parents mistakes by creating a future more disabled people, deaf, blind or handicaped than need be because they were not able to get preventative treatment and proper health care as children. Not all parents put their kids first but is that the childs fault? In the end who will pay the price for ignorance? The child.

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