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Photos 1/31: Columbus Rallies for Marriage Equality

This afternoon, over a hundred people were out on High Street in Columbus, Ohio, freezin’ for a reason. As mounted police looked on and passing cars honked in support, people spoke and chanted and waved flags as they called for the repeal of anti-marriage laws that shove same-sex couples into a second-class status. Top outfit of the day goes to the anti-DOMA chicken:

Anti-DOMA Chicken Declares: Don't Be Scared of Gay Marriage!

And my favorite sign adopts an old anti-Bush slogan to make a declaration about the place of Christianity:

Sign Declares of Jesus: Not My President

2 thoughts on “Photos 1/31: Columbus Rallies for Marriage Equality”

  1. Albert Howard says:

    See my video at youtube entitled “Oprah interviews Ted Haggard: A Guru’s Response”

  2. TJ Baldino says:

    Will you please contact me, I would like to license the above picture of the chicken for our show tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher.

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