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This Site May Harm Your Computer. Google May Handle Your Data?

See, our latest graphic design is based on cut paper, and what can you get from cut paper? Paper cuts! Since our paper has been exposed to the tubes of the internet, who knows what kind of virus you might catch while surfing here if your skin is exposed. Good Lord, whatever you do don’t touch your screen when visiting Irregular Times… because This Site May Harm Your Computer!

No, really, there’s no problem. This morning Google has slapped the label “This Site May Harm Your Computer” on all searches for every website on the entire internet… and to keep you from visiting those websites for your own good. Or Google’s own good. Or Google’s mistaken good. Or Google’s computer glitch. Whatever it is, Google’s not talking right now. You just can’t search the internet with Google right now. Period.

This Site May Harm Your Computer: Google Busted

Oh, hey, in other news, Google is planning on introducing a “G Drive” service in which you upload all your files to Google, and access them from there… unless Google decides that your files may harm your computer, of course.

3 thoughts on “This Site May Harm Your Computer. Google May Handle Your Data?”

  1. Billy Buerger says:

    Hey, I noticed this too. I thought maybe I clicked on the wrong thing first. But then I came back a minute later and it was fine.

    1. Junga says:

      I noticed it this morning when looking for the web site of an airport, for goodness sakes. Now the warning is gone. Is this some lame attempt at lawsuit protection?

  2. Jim says:

    I think it’s a bug, a mistake in programming. But it’s especially remarkable coming from Google — I’m used to their services being pretty darned error-free. Even if it’s inadvertent, it’s jarring to my complacency about the vulnerabilities of a Googleverse.

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