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Business Discrimination Is Qualification for Judd Gregg

Some people are worried about Barack Obama’s choice of Republican Senator Judd Gregg to become Secretary of Commerce. They’re noting that Senator Gregg voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Act, the law that allows workers to sue for compensation if they are discriminated against for reasons such as their gender. The law is named after Lilly Ledbetter, who was told by a panel of judges that she couldn’t sue for wage discrimination even though she had proven that her employers paid her less money because she was a woman.

You see, Lilly Ledbetter’s employers kept the wage discrimination a secret from her. The judges said that she should have been able to file suit anyway, even though she didn’t know about the discrimination. They said that she waited too long – by waiting until she actually discovered the discrimination. In voting against the Lilly Ledbetter Act, Judd Gregg was agreeing with the judges’ position. Senator Gregg was saying that if discrimination is hidden from you, and you don’t find out about it within just a few months, tough bananas, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, no use crying over injustice.

For Barack Obama to pick someone who has this record as an accomplice to wage discrimination is upsetting to many of Obama’s supporters. They note that the Secretary of Commerce deals with big business every day. How could Obama make someone who embraces workplace discrimination Commerce Secretary?

What these critics don’t understand is that it’s the job of the Secretary of Commerce to serve the interests of big business, and enable them to keep making huge profits by any means necessary. If that means stomping on the necks of workers, then that’s what the Secretary of Commerce should help them do. Judd Gregg’s support for wage discrimination is therefore a qualification for the job of Secretary of Commerce, making him perfect for the job…

…but wait a minute, I was forgetting something. That change thing. How could I have let that slip my mind? Oh, yes, and then there’s that whole idea that Barack Obama was the fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. I have a sneaking suspicion that Dr. King wouldn’t have approved of that judgment against Lilly Ledbetter.

Dear me. Someone had better tell President Obama that there’s a rip in the seams of his campaign promises. His sameness is showing.

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