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5 Million US Homes Already Powered By The Wind

Yesterday, 14 people were arrested as part of a non-violent protest of a plan to blow up and pull down a mountain in West Virginia in order to obtain the coal that lies within. The protesters’ rallying cry: “Windmills, not toxic spills”. Right next to the mountain is an artificial lake of 9 billion gallons of toxic coal sludge, held back by a dam that rests above the town of Whitesville.

windmills not toxic spills protest sign

This is the same kind of toxic coal sludge that broke through a dam in Harriman, Tennessee. Massey Energy, the company that manages the coal sludge dam above the town of Whitesville, West Virginia, also managed a coal sludge dam in Martin County, Kentucky. Just a few years ago, that coal sludge dam broke, releasing 300 million gallons of coal sludge.

Now, they’re planning to set off high explosives near the dam above Whitesville. If the dam were to break, the coal sludge would surge toward a head start preschool and a senior citizens’ center that lie directly in the path of the potential disaster. The organization Climate Ground Zero delivered a letter to the CEO of Massey Energy. That letter included the following thoughts from Charles Ballard, a resident of West Virginia:

“I live up Dry Creek holler at the base of Coal River Mountain. I spent 22 years as an underground coal miner in West Virginia, and I’ve been around the coal mines all my life. What they’re doing to the mountains around here is messing up every damn thing we have in these mountains.”

There is an alternative to the destruction of Coal River Mountain: A feasibility study found that a wind farm on the top of the mountain that’s proposed for destruction could bring electricity to 150,000 homes in perpetuity. The coal that’s in that mountain can only be burned once, and then it won’t provide any power to anyone. It will just sit as toxic sludge behind another dam above another community until it breaks free in yet another coal sludge disaster.

Do you think that’s just a pie-in-the-sky vision that could never be accomplished? Think again. Just yesterday it was reported that the USA has become the world’s top producer of wind power, producing enough electricity to power 5 million homes.

It’s time for us to get smart. Instead of blowing up mountains and building huge reservoirs of toxic sludge, we can create clean energy. Wind power is a reality. It’s clean coal that doesn’t exist.

4 thoughts on “5 Million US Homes Already Powered By The Wind”

  1. Wind Power Man says:

    I agree that Wind Power is a great alterative. However headlines of people getting arrested to promote a worthy cause can often distract from the validity of the message.

    Yes the winds of change are upon us: However we need to let cool heads prevail to lgitimize this great tool.

    1. Green Man says:

      You know, cool head, I think that the cool heads of the world have done a terrible job “legitimizing” wind power. They’ve bought into the “legitimate” business mindset that is inherently set against environmental concerns. What have the “cool heads” been doing for the last 30 years? Cooling out.

  2. tmj99 says:

    Families for a Clean Tennessee Video Hits the Streets!


    Families for a Clean Tennessee released a video reinforcing a poll conducted by Insider Advantage. The poll uncovered that more than 80% of voters oppose dumping nuclear waste in ordinary commercial landfills.

    The poll also uncovered the following:

    * 90% believe nuclear waste should be disposed of in long-term isolation facilities.
    * More than 75% of likely voters-both Democrats and Republicans– are more likely to support a candidate for Governor that is opposed to nuclear dumping and the BSFR program.
    * Nearly 60% are more likely to support a legislative candidate that is opposed to nuclear dumping and the BSFR program.
    * More than 50% have stated they would actively work for the election of any candidate from either party that opposes the dumping of nuclear waste in Tennessee landfills.
    * More than 50% support Senate Bill 687, and more than 60% are more likely to vote for candidates that support Senate Bill 687.
    * 63.5% believe that under no circumstance should nuclear waste be dumped in Tennessee.

    A copy of the poll has been sent to every legislator in Tennessee along with a pledge asking them to support ending the practice of Bulk Survey for Release.


  3. tmj99 says:

    Families for a Clean Tennessee are very concerned about this latest development: DOE wants to ship low-level radioactive waste to an Anderson County landfill from a closed plutonium extraction plant in New York. See the news article at: Equivalent to 200 dump truck loads of waste! We must act now. To support this effort call Senator Tim Burchette at 615-741-1766 now! Tell him you are opposed to accepting New York’s nuclear waste in our backyard! Visit our website for more ways you can help combat this activity at

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