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Will Obama Stop Bush Oil Leases?

Barack Obama promised us change: Well, on February 12, there will be a test of whether President Obama actually meant what he said, or was just fooling around.

George W. Bush scheduled February 12 as the day for leases for oil and gas drilling on public lands in Colorado to be handed out to big oil companies. The plan for the leases is based on 16 year-old information on the lands’ environmental condition. The lands are home to many endangered species, and include the winter grazing grounds of big game animals and spawning waters of cutthroat trout.

Bush said that none of that mattered, but Bush isn’t in charge any more. Barack Obama is President of the United States now. So, will Obama bring change? Will he stop the leases to big oil on these public lands, or will he just allow Bush to have his way, and wreck more of our nation’s natural resources?

On February 12, we’ll know if Obama’s change is for real, or just a campaign slogan.

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