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Watch the Marine Impact of Global Warming

There are still a few people who believe that global warming is just a big hoax, or that even if it is real, it won’t do any harm. They ought to have a look at the map you see below.

It’s from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s Current Operational Coral Bleaching HotSpots page, which provides updated maps like this every few days that show where the oceanic temperatures are exceeding the level at which corals can retain the algae within their bodies that provide them with the bulk of their nutrition. Corals live in symbiosis with these algaes, and when they expel the algae because of high water temperatures, they usually die fairly quickly.

With the death of the corals comes the death of most of the animals who depend on coral reefs, and that is a whole lot of animals. Remember that most of our planet is covered by oceans. What threatens the reefs threatens a large chunk of life on Earth.

coral bleaching hotspots february 2009

You’ll see that this map, released just today, shows a large part of the world’s oceans suffering the high temperatures that can cause coral bleaching. That part of the ocean is in the southern hemisphere, where it’s summer right now, but in six months, that band of coral bleaching will be in the northern hemisphere.

I urge you to keep checking back of these maps of a rather unfortunate reality: The industrial PR that global warming isn’t a problem don’t fit with the conditions being measured in the real world.

One thought on “Watch the Marine Impact of Global Warming”

  1. Tom says:

    The chart doesn’t even mention CO2 (and other, like plastic) pollution, dead zones caused by run-off (which are growing world-wide), overfishing, sonar and other noise that is believed to effect large mammals (and cause whale-beaching events), or the on-going huge increase in sea-level rise.

    The issue is so complex that one chart can’t show it all. The bottom line is that humanity has poisoned its life-supporting fishbowl and it’ll take WAY too long for the Earth to adjust to our toxic life-style to accomodate us. All this will become painfully obvious in the coming years.

    Stupid, greedy, uncaring, foul humanity will become extinct by their own hand (coupled with the atmospheric, oceanic, volcanic and tectonic activity to come).

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