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Darwin Day Celebration Grows in Lincoln, Nebraska

Charles Darwin Evolution Tree with Birds from University of Nebraska at Lincoln Celebrations of Charles Darwin’s birth aren’t just planned in virtual online space or on La-Dee-Da Ivy League quadrangles.

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln is celebrating the 200th birth of Charles Darwin all spring long with a public lecture series, an art show and a three-day interdisciplinary symposium. The efforts are being organized by academic units across UNL’s natural science, social science and humanities divisions.

A sampling of speakers:

The Creationist Down the Hall — The Extent and Impact of Teaching Evolution and Creationism in Public Schools: Randy Moore of the University of Minnesota

Exploring the Secret Lives of Spiders — From Courtship to Cannibalism: Eileen Hebets of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Charles Darwin: The Secret Life of a Cautious Revolutionary: David Quammen of Montana State University

Animal coloration and the art of concealment: Martin Stevens of the University of Cambridge

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