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Cold January Was Actually Warm

Last month, the industrialists who oppose action on global warming were heartened by subzero temperatures in the Eastern half of the United States. Making the old mistake of failing to understand the difference between weather and climate, they triumphed: “Global warming my foot!”

They asked: How could Al Gore and his crew of pointy-headed scientists actually believe in global warming? Couldn’t they feel how cold it was outside?

All the while, the pointy-headed scientists at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration were busy actually measuring and recording the temperature around the nation. Yesterday, they released their results: January was warmer than average – not colder than average.

One thought on “Cold January Was Actually Warm”

  1. Tom says:

    It isn’t usually 63 here in PA in February either.
    i heard a report the other day from some climate watch group who warned of many more 90+ degree days here from Spring to Fall in the coming years due to the “non-existent” climate change (according to qs and others who think it’s all smoke and mirrors).

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