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Election 2012 Prep: Romney Sells Two of His Houses

One lesson from the 2008 Elections: policy differences be damned; it just looks bad to be caught owning more houses than you can count. Is it an indication of his plans for 2012 that Mitt Romney is selling two of his four houses? I use the word “houses” in the loose sense: one of these measures 9,500 square feet and is on the market for $5.25 million, and the other measures 6,400 square feet and is on the market for $3 million. If what you and I understand to be a “house” is about 2,000 square feet, that would be about eight houses.

Don’t you worry about Mitt Romney going homeless: he’ll be keeping his two other houses ($22 million), and buying a condominium to boot. “Downsizing and simplifying,” his spokesman says. A real president of the people, this one.

Where did I put my spokesman? Heeeeere, spokesman spokesman spokesman. Heeeeeeeeeeeere, spokesman spokesman spokesman…

10 comments to Election 2012 Prep: Romney Sells Two of His Houses

  • qs

    Well maybe you should earn a butch of money and get a spokesman. No one is stopping you.

    At least Romney earned his money in the private sector, and didn’t parasite into the government like the politicians.

    • Jim

      You mean the way that Romney did it, starting out with a rich daddy then taking a portion off the top of leveraged buyouts and quick selloffs?

    • Horatio

      QS, you mean, at least workers earned money for the Romney family, who sat around “managing” and using insider influence in government to get special advantages for their enterprise, so that Mitt could inherit a lot of money that he did absolutely nothing to earn.

  • Anonymous

    You think Romney’s business activities were illegal or immoral?

    Besides, it’s good Romney’s dad helped him out. That’s what parents should do unlike the Octamom.

  • Jon

    What kind of value system allows us to condemn someone based on what they own? Granted as long as it was gained legally. Or to devalue the ability of a father to hand down to his offspring property or wealth?
    It seems that a socialist mindset has become so entrenched into the fabric of our thoughts that we automatically see the wealthy as greedy. Rather than as good stewards. If Romney(who I am no fan of)has wealth that was handed down by his father, good for his father. If Romney has preserved his wealth or increased it, good for Romney!

    Socialism is just another word for envy, and an inauthentic substitution for religion. Forced charity to the “poor” through the police power of the government, in order to assuage the guilt of intellectual prep boys.

    • Bloop

      Yes, Jon, what kind of value system would that be? For example, if someone owned child pornography, you wouldn’t condemn that, right? Or, if someone owned a slave, you wouldn’t condemn that, right? Or, if your next door neighbor owned a nuclear weapon, who would you be to criticize, right? RIGHT?

      The Bible says not to covet your neighbor’s slave, after all.

  • Jon

    You are and idiot. And I refuse to respond to an idiot…other than to are and idiot.

    • Bloop

      I am and idiot? I am what and idiot? I understand you don’t want to respond to me other than to insult me. I can see that you’re unable to actually counter my arguments, but please explain before you stop responding to me exactly how I am “and idiot”.

      • Jon

        Yes Bloob, as you know being a student of the TAO, there is the YIN and YANG, GOOD and EVIL, LIGHT and DARK, SAGE and IDIOT, all polar opposites, yet just points on the circle of infinity. Most people have a composite of both, some just the and ” ” part.

  • Mike

    The jealous haters are awesome! Keep it up.
    RUN MITT RUN 2012! America needs you. You have my vote along with millions of others!

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